Memes and gifs that will instantly trigger leftists

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She looks just fine. Just an unflattering tabloid photo.


The pictures are emphasizing what women look like without make up. I think its easy to identify the meaning. If you were to see the women in the second picture walking in the street you would be caught off guard. But we walk past the girl in the first picture all the time, without any recollection.
Women are deceivers and they use makeup because that's really all they have.
Makeup paints a false image. Without any makeup must celebrities look sick. For example, rosy cheeks are very popular and are meant to appeal to men, its also makes them look for attractive. Here's another example.

Everything can be taken to extremes. The makeup on the left side of the face makes her look like a doll. Makeup in many cases contains toxic chemicals such as botox and paints. On the other hand, just the proper clothing and hygiene, making an effort to improve your appearance, can make a man or a woman, look at least two times more beautiful. I prefer a woman who would put in work into maintaining her appearance rather than degrading into an overweight sow slob.

Pointy Elbows

An unhealthy bias exists in this forum against PWPEs (People With Pointy Elbows). Pewpees have been traditionally denigrated for generations of RVF. It is a form of ableism (you rounded-elbow folk seldom bump into doorways and desk edges), and it needs to stop.

Forum members would insult the obvious beauty of Pewpees. PWPEs were considered not relationship material, due to their "inferior" genes. An acute Olecranon Fossa was a red flag.

I bear my namesake in honor of the generations of Pewpees that so nobly withstood such oppression. Pewpee is beauty.


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Actress Anna de Arma

Recent movies :Blade Runner 2049, Knives Out, No Time to Die.

The wonders of Hollywoke makeup or the misery of pre menstrual cramping and bloating. Take ur pick

I was aware who she was and I suspected it was a with/without makeup comparison.

I think that look is 1000000 times better than one covered in tatts and pumped full of various implants.

There are way worse with/without comparisons IMO.


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Wonder how the Climate Change activists will react to this NOAA's news.

...The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration just found from a new study that cleaner air is actually brewing more hurricanes in the Atlantic, according to a new AP article.

The new study "links changes in regionalized air pollution across the globe to storm activity going both up and down" and found that a 50% decrease in pollution particles and droplets in Europe and the U.S. is linked to a 33% increase in Atlantic storm formation over the past couple of decades.

Got that? Cleaner air, more hurricanes, in the Atlantic. In the Pacific, the opposite is happening: more pollution and fewer tycoons.