Memes and gifs that will instantly trigger leftists


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I met Lenin in 1920 when I was in Russia, I had an hours talk tête-à-tête with him. And um, he spoke English much better than you would have expected, the whole conversation was in English. I expected it to have been in German, but I found that his English was quite good. I was less impressed by Lenin than I expected to be. He was of course a great man. He seemed to me a reincarnation of Cromwell, with exactly the same limitations that Cromwell had. Absolute orthodoxy, he thought a proposition could be proved by quoting a text in Marx, and he was quite incapable of supposing that there could be anything in Marx that wasn’t right, and that struck me as rather limited. I disliked one other thing about him which was his great readiness to stir up hatred. I put certain questions to him to see what his answer would be, and one of them was “You profess to be establishing socialism, but as far as the countryside is concerned you seem to me to be establishing peasant proprietorship which is a very different thing from agricultural socialism”. And he said, “Oh dear me no, we’re not establishing peasant proprietorship”, he said “You see there are poor peasants and rich peasants, and we stirred up the poor peasants against the rich peasants, and they soon hanged them to the nearest tree, ah hah hah HAH HAH”. I didn’t much like that.​

100 years later and these people haven't changed.


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Haha who do you think is the one poor idiot they coaxed to be there who wasn't a plant?

I wonder if the local cops were down with the charade or if they were pissed with it also just couldn't say anything as good little sheep. I feel like a lot of cops hate being the narratives shock troops but they can't do anything about it because it's social and fiscal suicide for them if not worse, not sure if I feel bad for them for that....