Memes and gifs that will instantly trigger leftists

Douglas Quaid

I saw Confederate flags like that at a convenience store in Three Rivers, Quebec too, which was surprising (in a good way) because you rarely see it here in the US.


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Not exactly a meme...

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Since people enjoyed my conversation with @exit_org about life in woke big tech as a white guy, sharing some funny moments:

1) HR announces that 3% of workforce is now disabled - and they intend to increase those numbers. Worried looks from colleagues. (what are they planning?)

2) Social organizer plans team social at some quite radical gay bar to be progressive. Small group of compliant normies attends and emerges looking shellshocked.

3) We’re instructed to paint shapes on each other’s faces at a ‘summer party’. An autist - without comprehension - paints a star of David on Jewish girl’s forehead. Palpable uneasiness

4) VR social in one of those warehouses in an attempt to be inclusive - you don’t need to be able bodied! Someone projectile vomits in the studio.

5) Newly hired recruiter asks at a company forum if Armenians count towards diversity targets. Armenian contingent visibly furious.