Men Among the Ruins


Spent a lot of time in east TN/west NC, it's a fine area. Hiked the area from Frozen Head SP, TN to Pisgah NF, NC. Stay away from the tourist traps like Gatlinburg or Maggie Valley, and the cities like Asheville and Knoxville. Knox isn't too bad but Ashville is Austin in the mountains. The locals in the region tend towards old school. Still a lot of religion in the hills and a mess of good people, but a lot of moral rot like anywhere else in the country.

ORNL and Y-12 are right outside Knoxville in Oak Ridge. Lots of DoE, military, and nuclear weapons research there. Might avoid Oak Ridge since it'll be high on the strategic target list if nuclear war broke out.
How about Chattanooga? I am contemplating moving there in the next couple years if my new job pays off in the long run. I'd be pushing 40 by then. I like that it's a college town and is close to Georgia. Also, it's growing almost as much as Middle TN.