Men Going God's Way (MGGW)

Chains of Peter

This is not something new, but a re-statement of the life states that Christian men have pursued throughout the history of faith. It is simply the vocations of marriage, holy orders, or consecrated religious life. I discuss it in the /r/TraditionalCatholics post, but it can just as well be applied to Orthodox Christianity as well. Protestants... in theory nothing is stopping you from consecrated religious life, but if you feel that is your calling, I would strongly urge you to consider historic apostolic Christianity.

I conceived MGGW as a counter to MGTOW. The reddit post is copied verbatim below.

Catholicism has had an alternative to the married state for almost 2000 years. It's called the religious life.

Catholicism and Christianity has contempt for MGTOWs because they are worthy of contempt. Most of them, by their own admission, are pursuing this alternative lifestyle solely for their own gratification which is unBiblical (2 Timothy 3:2). Furthermore, it is a denial of the universal call to holiness.

Marriage as an institution is severely wounded due to the connivance of the communists and feminists and the MGTOW phenomenon is a secondary effect. Get women to devalue, or even hate, their natural vocation to motherhood, then have them compete with their husbands in the ballot box, then in the workplace, then when the marriage gets boring or a disagreement takes place, divorce that fool and take most of the family wealth. The male casualties of this war would naturally gravitate away from marriage as an institution--however, saying marriage is bad because it leads to divorce is like saying sex is bad because it leads to abortion. You can't throw something that is necessary and good according to the natural law under the bus because of the existence of bad actors.

I've been thinking of a Catholic alternative to MGTOW which I call Men Going God's Way (MGGW) which, if you think about it, is really nothing new. It's simply pursuing the vocations of marriage, clergy or religious life. Marriage is in danger for all the reasons you state, and so is the clergy because of the postconciliar revolution; so I think it will be up to religious to restore both because the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience will free them from many obligations. I think if MGGW religious use their lives as a penance for the abuses of the sexual revolution, they can turn society around.


What does another acronym help solve? Maybe you should humble himself, join a church, and call yourself a Christian.

You were already low-grade posting in another Christian thread. What is your deal? Do you understand what it means to be a Christian? You're playing a silly game. If you have questions, ask, but it's clear you are new to the faith, or perhaps you haven't even started.