Migrant Invasion of USA


Most are Haitians that lived in Chile for years while waiting for a liberal administration to let them in.

Biden officials actually want to deport them probably because they take away resources from the Afghans and the usual suspects are hopping up and down about that.




Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Thursday said immigration officers can no longer detain and deport people from the U.S. solely because they are undocumented.


“We are guided by the knowledge that there are individuals in our country who have been here for generations and contributed to our country’s well-being,” Mayorkas said in the memo.

“As we strive to provide them with a path to status, we will not work in conflict by spending resources seeking to remove those who do not pose a threat and, in fact, make our Nation stronger,” he continued.


It is clear the economic elite loves immigration, though it is never in the interest of the worker who must now contend with a bigger supply and the same demand for their labor. A friend of mine at a smaller company is so short on workers they are just hoping for more people to jump the fence and come work so they don't have to pay above minimum wage for basic work. I say this as Mexican-American who has several good friends who are illegal.

Here's a reminder that legal immigration is just as if not more harmful than illegal and that America's institutions use it readily as a weapon against the American people financially and politically.
I am not a big fan of legal immigration. To me its just fucked up to have foreigners economically dominating and bossing around the native born population. In central california, many of the farms are owned by indian immigrants who come here and behave like arrogant b*stards and employ mexican, and also white laborers (in more skilled positions)

Though again many of my personal friends of mine are skilled indian immigrants themselves.


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