Military equipment & technology used in the war

They think all their arms supplies will save their tranny anal agenda but it won't. This is an echo of world war II where most of the world's militaries, either through deception or coercion, were brought "together" to destroy the only people who could save them all from the ones controlling them.

Let's pray it just remains a shadow of an echo and doesn't succeed. Without Russia, no one will stand up to the inversion with enough zeal to repel it.


NATO's most expensive weapons program

:squintlol: Great video. That probably wasn't really supposed to go public.

I am no fan of the Trillion Dollar Turkey.

However, the incident was clearly caused by colossal stupidity. Chalk this one up to duhvercity or sivul rytes or publick educashun. You can see the F-35 hopping while it's being towed. The brakes are locked. I don't know anything about why or how, but I can tell you looking at it that the rear brakes are stopping the plane while some idiot pours the coals to the tug. Everything has its mechanical limits, especially flying things.

When the poor airplane is all stoppy and no-go-ee and hopping up and down on the pavement while you stomp the go-pedal , "Here's your sign!"

Just watched it again. Seeing the landing gear go driving away from the airplane is........ :oops::rolleyes::squintlol::laughter:

Now let's all go to war against China and Russia and Iraq all at once. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?


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Drone technology is still in its Stone Age. See the footage below of one drone taking out another by dropping a rock on it.



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The 700 Million dollar B-21 stealth bomber has been revealed, but is a long way from being operational. Designed to penetrate Russian/Chinese airspace, but probably will not get past the next-generation Russian S500 and equivalent Chinese system. With the move to stand-off tactics, this aircraft will be obsolete before entering service. A huge white elephant to fleece US taxpayers.

- The US has unveiled thes stealth B-21 Raider - its newest bomber;
- The B-21 Raider may cost over 700 million US dollars per warplane;
- It will not fly until next year at the earliest and still requires extensive design reviews;
- Western analysts admit it faces major challenges going against modern integrated air defense systems produced by nations like Russia and China;
- Rather than depend on its stealth, analysts suggest it could use tactics already used by conventional aircraft to carry out standoff strikes using long-range precision guided weapons;
- If used to carry out standoff strikes, there is no need for expensive stealth capabilities;