Military equipment & technology used in the war


Speaking of jamming, Twitter has purged a number of pro-Russian posters the last few days, like the one above...
Sorry about that.
One of the belligerents is jamming GPS guided munitions, the other one is jamming social media.

Reuploaded - at least for now.
Russian T-90M tank strikes at a target with the Invar main gun launched ATGM from a distance of 5 kilometers.


The Telegraph writes that Russian glide bombs have impeded the UAF counteroffensive.

It's interesting how relatively dumb technology is playing such a big role. Two different ways to think about things.

NATO: limited, precision artillery strikes with titanium artillery pieces. $$$
Russia: Just throw a bunch of stuff in the general area, rockets, mortars launched from the back of a truck, whatever. $

NATO: A handful of precision cruise missiles. $$$
Russia: Enjoy a swarm of hobby tier kamikaze drones disabling your armored vehicles and infrastructure. $

But even then Russia still wins even in the quality department with things like hypersonic missiles and air defense. I wonder how long it will take for NATO/Ukraine to bring back flak AA, because it doesn't make sense to use an S-300, S-400, or patriot missile systems to take out a Geran.