Modern Art

Maybe an incoherent idea but just wanted to throw it out there ... You hear from guys like Oswald Spengler how art moves with culture, how as a culture changes the dominant artform of the culture will change (sculpting, painting, poetry, novels, classical plays, architecture, operas, etc.) Thus we now ask, especially with the seeming stark decline of modern music and movies, what is the defining art of today's American culture? I asked a friend who thought about it and he said "meme's", which I thought was funny and apropos of the modern social media era, but depressing as well because meme's aren't very sophisticated.

My idea is that the modern "art-form" defining modern America is algorithm design. This is obviously a shaky assertion in regards to how one chooses to define art, but certainly a secular, cynical definition of art could be that of Christopher Hitchens: "All art is propaganda." As Christians, I don't think we define art within this limitation (we focus on beauty), but for secular society it may fit well... For things like algorithm design and data analysis, I don't think "Normies" quite understand how much subjectivity goes into these designs and analyses. Algorithms dictate what we see and don't see on Google and YouTube, algorithms try to manipulate our habits (especially consumerist habits), and algorithms can funnel ne'er-do-well's into honeypots on the internet for doxxing. Algorithms are one of the most powerful forms of human expression today, working behind the scenes yet conveying all the hallmarks of powerful manipulative functions of the viewer that maybe architecture or movies performed in the near past.

Maybe wrong thread for this idea, but was just thinking about this question that must be on a lot of our minds: What is the Defining Art Form of the Current Era?
For the above description as well, I think it's important to distinguish that for an artform to be a dominant force in a society, it must be "emerging" (so hence new techniques and ideas coming to light that were previously unthought of). Thus I don't consider something like "TV Shows" capable of being a dominant artform, because it is not emerging and is an old technology.

I also don't think the fact that technology playing a part in the artform should remove it from consideration. Architecture, sculpting, orchestra's, etc were all dependent to some extent on utilizing the emerging technology of the day with people's creativity. Hence, I think algorithm design loosely works as an artform

Max Roscoe

The French are trying to deface some of their old beauty.

They hired a Satanic artist who paints figures of whites being raped and enslaved by Blacks to "improve" the Eiffel Tower.
The main piece was whites and blacks forming a 6 pointed Star of David with a Black man fornicating with a white woman in the center.


Warning, the art in the linked article shows Blacks raping, abusing, and murdering white women.


Modern art is basically The Emperor's New Clothes on a global scale.
See Tom Wolfe's "The Painted Word"
And Roger Scruton's essays on beauty.

And remember marxists HATE beauty - literally - because they think it gives people false hope. Only when they see the world for how ugly it is will marxism prevail. Remember Lenin's famous comment on Rapheal - and remember the first thing marxists do is destroy beautiful things.


What is "art"? I've heard that question asked many times by many people. Its a brain teaser. Today, I think art is very easy to describe. It's propaganda.


What is "art"? I've heard that question asked many times by many people. Its a brain teaser. Today, I think art is very easy to describe. It's propaganda.
My favorite definition of art is "anything that serves no practical purpose whatsoever."