Motivation and Inspiration

the chef

some days people need to be inspired or driven. thought it would be cool to create a thread to motivate some members of this board to aspire for more.

i watched or read these videos every now and then last year and ended up with a 4.0 at a good university while partying, making money, reading books, working out, etc. if these shits got me to do everything i wanted to do and then some, i hope it could help someone else.

feel free to post anything that makes you want to step your hustle up.

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defguy said:
This video always gets me pumped

Damn, Jordan. I'm a German guy but I remember staying up at night to watch Chicago Bulls games live on TV. Still a very inspiring figure for me.

I imagine a neighborhood in the 80s, it's late at night, everyone is asleep, but you hear the sound of the ball flying through the net coming from some backyard. That's the sound of MJ practicing.


I'm not one for motivational videos really, but I like this one from the Mike Tyson documentary;

I've always found incredible motivation in roller-coasters. that moment when you wait for the drop - you feel fear but it disappears. Your body takes over as you realise that you have no control. You get thrown around at high speeds which you were never designed for, and survive.

Then you get off the ride and you have complete control over yourself once again.

If I could do that every morning, every day would be awesome.