Saints Movie on Saint Nektarios the Wonderworker (Man Of God)


So I saw the movie last night. My thoughts...

-Wonderful Orthodox aesthetic. Worth watching alone.
-Indeed an "Orthodox" movie with Orthodox DNA. It didn't feel like a secular person trying to make an Orthodox film.
-In terms of Orthodox traditions and practices, the film was sound.
-It covers many decades of St. Nektarios' life, which leads to the inevitable downside of a lack of depth. It simply moves too fast. I wonder if it would have been better to focus instead on the end of his life with the nuns and then include occasional flashbacks.
-Actor of St Nektarios was a bit wooden, though softened up by scenes of him praying.

I can't declare this film better than Ostrov (The Island), but it's eminently worthy for Orthodox to watch when it gets widely released.


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Will be checking it out soon. Hopefully CC (closed caption) is available.

Meanwhile... interviewed Yelena Popovic back in November of 2020. She is the writer & director of "Man of God" film.

Agency Orthodoxy/journalist Pepi Economaki interviewed Mickey Rourke & Yelena Popovic. This is an interesting interview because he shared his personal stories and his strong faith in God.