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Quintus Curtius

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Soundtracks are good if you play them "location specific."

The Road Warrior: when you're driving on the highway

Raiders of the Lost Ark: pure adrenaline rush, and should be the soundtrack to your life.

Apocalypse Now: Late at night when you're feeling introspective. It was released in the 1990s as a double CD and if you can find it, get it.

Superfly: Movie is dated, but the soundtrack is top notch. Say what you want, but the Curtis Mayfield soundtrack is fantastic and still rocks it.

Valhalla Rising: weird, metal-influenced surrealism. Give this one a look (as well as the movie starring Mads Mikkelsen)



One of my all time favorites...Phillip Glass minimalist composer in a different class..( Minimalism is a genre of music. It focusses not on the ornaments of the music, nor the technicality. It reserves itself for the emotion portrayed through the listener. It is hypnotic and unique.)


Awesome thread.

Some off the top of my head:

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Jurassic Park (Sidenote: Someone took the opening theme of this and slowed it down 1000% into an hour long track. It sounds like a full symphony piece, and is awesome for studying or reading. I'll try and dig up a link for it).

Batman Begins (The track where Liam Neeson is training Christian Bale is something I listen to when I run).

Pulp Fiction

And for those who are looking for a spooky OST to put on a night when you're reading or something; the Alien 3 soundtrack. The last few times I've listened to it were when I was doing late-night work at the lab I work in. It's haunting, but epic. I've actually listened to it all the way through several times, and it's great. Again, I'll dig up something for it when I'm at a desktop.


Off the top of my head

The Harder They Come
The Wackness
Buena Vista Social Club
Almost Famous
Reservoir Dogs
Boogie Nights
O Brother Where Art Thou?
Dazed and Confused

I will x2 Pulp Fiction, Lost Highway, and Saturday Night Fever

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Quintus Curtius said:
Soundtracks are good if you play them "location specific."

The Road Warrior: when you're driving on the highway

One time I was driving at sunset, iPod rocking, going down a hill, this song came on;

In my rear view mirror, semi came over crest right out of the sun. Took all my will power not to start speeding around it, screaming like an idiot.

A lot of instrumental/orchestral movie tracks have been heavily if not completely influenced by classical musicians. I would suggest looking into Wagner and Prokofiev if that's your thing.

1:50 and beyond always gives me chills, but you can hear about 20 different movie soundtracks in that song alone, showing how influential Prokofiev is.

Joe Hisashi has created a lot of moving music.

Of course, for a more conventional track there's Lawless;

And hey, I saw Lalo Schifrin up there!