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A few of my favourite OST's off the top of my head.

The Whiplash OST (sucker for Jazz overall)

The Equalizer OST (really enjoyed this movie, the score was great also)

Unbreakable OST

Off topic : I have a thing for Game OST's also, this one I remember hearing a ton in my childhood.



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From my all time favorite movie The Master by Paul Thomas Anderson

I love the entire soundtrack but particularly the 'Sweetness of Freddie.' It's mysterious, haunting and profoundly beautiful.

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Every song on this soundtrack is good. Sadly, most of these songs are not as famous as they deserve to be:

So much truth to that statement. Point Break (1991), for me, was the same thing.

Bonus: Shark Island is on both soundtracks.

RE: Point Break, Mark Isham's entire score for this movie is incredible, but the music in the skydiving scene is breathtaking.

Skydiving scene from the film:

Score only from the skydiving scene: