Movies with a strong Christian component

"The Way of the Warrior"

Very inspiring documentary about a Saintly priest who lived in Bulgaria from 1923 - 2015, Fr. Georgi of Zheglartsi. What an inspiration! Very moving. It's a little over an hour. You can turn on English subtitles.

“The film follows the exciting life of legendary Father Georgi from Zheglartsi (1923–2015) with powerful shots from the last year of his life, and his inspired preaching on his very deathbed. With no pride-modesty the starets recounts the epic of his life in Christ during communism. He was not scared nor silenced, he did not budge nor flee, he did not yield to temptation, to revenge, or to hatred. A genuine hard-working proletarian, with muscles and character of iron, he rose up to his full stature against the System and defeated it in single combat. In the hard years of atheistic persecution, when many priests renounced their faith and abandoned their ministry, the uneducated labourer from the obscure village decided to fill the void, and to become a priest. Admitted, by miracular coincidence, at the Theological Seminary, he found there his true vocation as an Orthodox priest, and preached his faith for the rest of his life without fear and without reproach. All attempts by the authorities to intimidate or "reward" him were shattered in his fearless spirit and unshakable faith. His example was so inspiring that in the days of state atheism, as many as 20 boys from tiny Zheglartsi followed in his footsteps and became priests. With generosity, love of neighbor, and forgiveness, the warrior of Christ lived out his last earthly years and days full of joy and trust in God.”

For those of you who love movies in general, but looking for ways to screen out all the degenerate content, I highly recommend this Christian website for good movies suggestions.

I use it a lot before I decide on watching any given film. They also have decent pre-screened lists of various genres like "Top 10 War movies" or "Top 10 Family Movies" of the year.
Not sure if already referenced, as I haven't carefully scrolled through these 11 pages.
I really enjoyed this one; the ending, especially, is very sobering.

The link is to the wikipedia page for a summary of the plot, so if you don't want a 'Spoiler', just search for the title and year to find/watch it elsewhere:

Time Changer (2002)
- How Green Was My Valley, by Ford

..... some of the richest pieces of cinematic art ever made.
I watched it tonight, and oh boy, I struggled to keep my eyes dry. Easily one of the most moving, if not THE most moving film I have ever seen. Incredible.
Mel Gibson's newest film is Father Stu, based on the true story of an atheist boxer who found God and became a priest.
He also tried acting but found the industry very "seedy."

The film also stars Mark Wahlberg, who was out to dinner with two priests who told him the story of Father Stu, and he was determined to make it. It comes out Good Friday 2022.

Mel Gibson has been giving interviews about the film. He had to suffer through a ridiculous interview on Fox News. The idiot started off asking Mel if he watches Fox News:
"I don't turn on the tv that much" :)

Then he was asked:
"I wonder if you had been the one who jumped up out of his seat and slapped Chris Rock..."
Mel gets a crazy look on his face and waves the camera away and his agent jumps in and says "Thanks, that's all our time!"
So absurd.

Anyway here is a *good* interview.
I didn't realize Mel has 9 kids!

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I've heard recently that Mel Gibson's follow up to the Passion is coming, called Resurrection.

It explores the harrowing of hell from what I understand.

It's possible the sequel will show what Jesus did in an otherworldly realm during those three days before he returned from the dead. It's also possible part of the film will focus on the earthly ramifications of the events of Jesus' death and resurrection, and showcase what Jesus' apostles did in the immediate aftermath of his crucifixion. It's all just speculation for the time being, though, until we hear from Mel Gibson himself about what the sequel entails.

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I'm going to restrict my recommendations to movies that have Christianity as a central theme/plot point.

While I can see that classic films like 'The Godfather' reinforce Christian values; I'm gonna respectfully disagree that they are movies with 'Strong Christian Themes/Content'.

I'll go in order of ones I'd recommend most highly.


'Pilgramage' (2017)

Has Jon Bernthal (The punisher!) In it in a role where he speaks one word.

Yeah, it has a repressed vibe of
'oh there's a scientific explanation for all this'
'oh, it's all pointless'
'oh, that guy in the white robes is a nutcase shuckster'

But it's *about* practicing monks who never apostasize.
The monks *are* the good guys.
Their belief *is* better than the alternatives presented.
Love of God is not shown as something to be derided.

I just rewatched it to make sure it wasn't uncomfortable or disagreeable to my new outlook and I can't recommend it enough.
Definitely better treatment Christianity has gotten than from the likes of 'Constantine' and 'Supernatural'.

download (1).jpeg

Dunno if this one hasn't been mentioned because people already know about it and hate it.
But I have loved this one from my most blasphemous days (read: adolescence). Yeah, theres some 'anti-religion' messages. Yeah, Orlando Bloom has an illegitimate marriage with some dude's wife. Yeah, Muslims are portrayed as better than they probably were.
But it has scenes of legitimate respect to faith and God's will. And it's an excellent story of a man finding purpose in faith. Watch it.

'Jesus Christ Superstar' (1971 only!)

Ok, it was written by an atheist and it maybe puts Judas in too good of a light.
But like KoH above, from my earliest days of hating Christ: this movie always made me stop to pause.
I've even used it as a means to expose the completely irreligious who yet love music (specifically, singing) to pause likewise.
The original version has real people in Jerusalem ruins doing the production and the flock of sheep at the end credits was totally unintentional.

Not everything written by a non-believer misses the mark (the beastie boys, in seeking to write the most anti-party song, wrote the quintessential party song.) And if you can forgive the 'weird, 70's vibe' of it, it's a good musical.

Bonus: probably gonna get killed for this one...

proxy-image (1).jpeg

Yes, it has its flaws.
Yes, its closer to a 'modern, protestant' version of Jesus than we'd probably like to see.
If I told you this got mainstream exposure on *Adult Swim* (Haven of 'Rick and Morty') of all places: would you believe me?

The image says 'Season 1' for a reason. After that, it gets too blasphemous.
But I exposed hardcore atheist friends to this.
The kind that post against religion regularly in fb-posts. And they responded, after reflection, upon watching this: 'Maybe there's more to God...'

Real words, no exaggeration!
Would I put it with real epics and legitimate theological literature? No.
Would I use it as an easy way to expose a non-believer? Yes.

Long post again and I'm sorry. These were on my mind all day.

Proverbs-1. With English subtitles. Full movie. Pritchi-1. Притчи-1 (2010)​

Proverbs-2. With English subtitles. Full movie. Pritchi-2. Притчи-2 (2011)

I wanted to share this website in Orthodox Movie & Documentary Recommendations but I'm not allowed to do so.

Welcome to Trisagion Films! Our mission is to bring the Orthodox faith to all by presenting tangible theology through original videos and articles, all to the glory of God. We cover aspects of Orthodox worship and practice, pilgrimage, the lives of the saints, iconography and the sacred arts, and recordings of homilies, interviews, and special events. Trisagion Films is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to sharing the Orthodox faith.

Trisagion Films was born out of our founder’s combined love for films and the Orthodox faith. It began first as ‘Orthodox YouTube’ but soon he realized that we needed a more original name. He thought of the Greek word ‘trisagion’ which means ‘thrice-holy’ and how it is part of one of the earliest hymns and prayers of the church. So, on April 6, 2012, Trisagion Films was officially founded as a channel on YouTube. We later added a website and are now active on social media as a way to share what we create as well as communicate with our audience. May we all be guided with the help of Christ's love to enter his divine and heavenly kingdom.
Just watched this movie based on the book. I would recommend reading the book first. I highly recommend the book and it definitely is one of the most important books I have read. It is based on the simple idea of 'What would Jesus do' and when you are in doubt, this can really help you have an idea of the right path to take.

The movie doesn't perfectly follow the book, but the main idea is there. It is made for modern audiences of the time (1964) but shows the same challenges confront people back then as they did in the 19th century book and modern America now.

I gave the movie a 7/10. It is low budget, the dialogue could have been improved a bit, and the acting from the main actress was not the best although other acting performances were solid. Also, the The character development could have been a bit better, but it is a short movie so they did what they could in 73 minutes. I still like the message feel it is worth watching if you read the book and are curious how it is adapted for film.

I plan to watch the modern remake later this week. Both movies are available free online.

I watched the 2013 version of 'In His Steps' movie and also liked this. It was interesting to watch it right after the 1964 version to compare it. This movie is 94 minutes, so it has more time for character development and it also shows what happened one year later which I liked.

Pros: Good message that makes you think, decent acting by many of the cast-especially considering it was likely made on a low budget with less experienced actors and actresses, good adaption for modern era

Cons: Acting by some of the cast not great (although acceptable considering the budget and lack of experience), character development decent but for the businessman-his struggle could have been written a bit better, bad area of town didn't seem rough enough and the homeless in the shelter seemed to well-behaved and calm (however, in some smaller towns-this might be realistic), ending was too quick and a bit weak

I think the audience score of 4.9 is too harsh and I don't know why. It is better than weird movies like 'Eraserhead', 'Brazil' and many Marvel movies that get much higher scores. This movie has a better message and I cared more about the characters vs. 'The Avengers' movies.

In His Steps (2013)