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"The Way of the Warrior"

Very inspiring documentary about a Saintly priest who lived in Bulgaria from 1923 - 2015, Fr. Georgi of Zheglartsi. What an inspiration! Very moving. It's a little over an hour. You can turn on English subtitles.

“The film follows the exciting life of legendary Father Georgi from Zheglartsi (1923–2015) with powerful shots from the last year of his life, and his inspired preaching on his very deathbed. With no pride-modesty the starets recounts the epic of his life in Christ during communism. He was not scared nor silenced, he did not budge nor flee, he did not yield to temptation, to revenge, or to hatred. A genuine hard-working proletarian, with muscles and character of iron, he rose up to his full stature against the System and defeated it in single combat. In the hard years of atheistic persecution, when many priests renounced their faith and abandoned their ministry, the uneducated labourer from the obscure village decided to fill the void, and to become a priest. Admitted, by miracular coincidence, at the Theological Seminary, he found there his true vocation as an Orthodox priest, and preached his faith for the rest of his life without fear and without reproach. All attempts by the authorities to intimidate or "reward" him were shattered in his fearless spirit and unshakable faith. His example was so inspiring that in the days of state atheism, as many as 20 boys from tiny Zheglartsi followed in his footsteps and became priests. With generosity, love of neighbor, and forgiveness, the warrior of Christ lived out his last earthly years and days full of joy and trust in God.”



For those of you who love movies in general, but looking for ways to screen out all the degenerate content, I highly recommend this Christian website for good movies suggestions.

I use it a lot before I decide on watching any given film. They also have decent pre-screened lists of various genres like "Top 10 War movies" or "Top 10 Family Movies" of the year.

No-Designation Man

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Not sure if already referenced, as I haven't carefully scrolled through these 11 pages.
I really enjoyed this one; the ending, especially, is very sobering.

The link is to the wikipedia page for a summary of the plot, so if you don't want a 'Spoiler', just search for the title and year to find/watch it elsewhere:

Time Changer (2002)