Moving to the United States

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Albania is actually a decent option in that it is relatively insulated from much of the conflict. It's a NATO country though, so maybe Tirana is not a good place to be, but the South and the rural mountainous area could be ok. But I'm sure domestically it will get hit by the economic effects of war and thus might not be the best choice either.
The majority of the country is still living a simple rural life. The higher you climb the bigger your fall. They don't have much to fall from in the first place. They will just rely on what they rely now: shepherding, local fruit, olive oil, honey. Simple, common stuff. They don't have much money to rely on imports. I don't see them starving or freezing. Avoid Tirana, Vlore, Durres, Sarande. Anything from Gjirocaster to Korce looks promising.
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A friend of mine just managed to get a visa through the lottery system.

He was from Ireland.

I've noticed that the lottery system is based on country of birth and so I wonder if I would have a higher chance of getting in from the fact I was born in Singapore.

Still, there is the stupid vax issue to enter...


My recomendation is - don't do it. You will likely be able to have a more wholesome life in the home country. Many people never manage to really fit in and find they regret it.