Must Buy items (under $100)


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Cation said:
Razer Ferox speakers for laptop or phone. I have these, and they are crazy good! They have their own battery, so they won't drain your phone battery like Bluetooth speakers would.

The design is cool.

I paid 60€, 7 years ago. Still going strong.

Fast forward to 4 minutes.

#1 travel item is obviously portable speakers
In both hostels or private apartments, you can use the pre-drink or after-party card to bring back multiple girls

I wouldnt recommend those Razers tho, seems to have 0 bass. The best is still the Bose SoundLink Mini, but the first edition not the second (its a battery voltage thing). Because its a bit expensive and heavy for backpacking, the second choice would be JBL Flip 3 or Flip 4 (I prefer the former, better sounds signature)


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Quality headphones. These can either be over-ear (with passive noise cancelling) and/or earbuds.

Bose SoundLinks are wireless and pricey- but fantastic and comfortable. Extremely lightweight and can be used with an auxiliary cable. I managed to snag a pair at a heavy discount.
They also make great computer speakers (the Companion series) that you can get for 100 or less.

For earbuds, the Klipsch S4s have great bass response but aren't the most durable.
HD66, I appreciate your input.

It may be true that Ferox are not the best speakers for bass, but they are ok. I've showed them to a lot of people and nobody complained on the sound quality. I also have to point out that the design is top notch, which can not be said for those bulky Bose or JBL speakers.
One of those 10$ bullet journals, find one that is decorated in an interesting way, but not gay. Very useful for jotting down notes, chores, tasks, and the occasional impression/thought about something worth pondering later.

I like them because they give you a sophisticated gentleman vibe. When you pull them out of your suit or winter coat pocket in a bar, you give off the impression of a mature man with business to conduct. IMO it adds to your mistery, if you're a young man.
Of course, it's not for everybody - it is apt if you're pulling the young businessman look, with dress shirts, elegant coats etc.


Some great suggestions here.

1. Work Hard, Play Hard duffel by Boarding Pass. Can usually get it under $100 with a coupon code. It looks really sharp, great for the gym, camping, travel, etc. I think backpacks in general look very childish whereas duffel bags look cool.
2. Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones - Sony BT950 or 900s will go on sale pretty cheap. They are great for the price.
3. Any Smartscale. Tracking your weight really helps.
4. A double insulated camping style liquid container. These are just plain awesome. So glad I have one.
5. A good chef's knife. Really valuable, makes cooking much more enjoyable.
6. George Foreman Grill. Able to make steaks really easily with minimal hassle. Good for a second date dinner.
7. Brita or other water filter.
8. Google home or Alexa.
9. Car phone mount.
10. Good shoes.


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Kicking myself I didn't buy these years earlier (all the money I wasted on others too), these were released in 1991 and are still in production for good reason (nearly 7000 5 star reviews) I'm 2 weeks into wearing and they feel almost too good to be true, will change the way you listen to music, neutral sound,beautiful, no extra bass (you will realize it was never necessary), music just as was it recorded and intended, you can pick up everything including pennys being dropped in studios. It's like your in there with the musicians.

So comfortable you will forget they're on your head.

It's like going from horse and cart to the space shuttle. They got it right back in 1991 and have been trying to usurp it since and failing, I think I want to buy another just in case they do in fact leave production for some reason.

I'm gushing. They're a revelation. A engineering miracle.


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I have those same headphones Syberpunk and they're fantastic. Most headphones/earbuds color the sound of the music way too much. Those Sonys reproduce the music as it was meant to be heard.


Can anyone recommend earbuds, rather than headphones that go over your head. I have to buy new earbuds every 6 months or so and time is coming due. I usually just search for "x earbuds under $x that sound amazing" type listicles. I'd like a bluetooth pair for the gym and a wired pair for sedentary activities.
kel said:
Can anyone recommend earbuds, rather than headphones that go over your head. I have to buy new earbuds every 6 months or so and time is coming due. I usually just search for "x earbuds under $x that sound amazing" type listicles. I'd like a bluetooth pair for the gym and a wired pair for sedentary activities.

Here ya go: TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

I work in a warehouse with loud fan noise in the background, and those really do a good job of blocking out the drone while allowing me to still hear people talk.

More importantly, they have really good sound quality. Bass is surprisingly punchy considering how tiny earbuds are, but not excessive.

Best part? Only $40 with the coupon on Amazon. Some people say that they're better than $200+ Bose earbuds.
On the prepping side of things, you can get packs of 50 tea light candles for about 5 bucks. Having several packs of those stashed is a good idea for power outages or more severe emergencies. You can even cook with them if you have to. Each one will burn for about 4 hours.


Tea lights are also a nice, cheap way of making a nice atmosphere. I love candles, scented or just simple tea lights.


I have a Sawyer water filter that I use when I go backpacking. You can get a life straw for about $20, or a 1 litre size for about $40 -$50. The straw version if fairly inconvenient to use, so spring for the litre size. If you are going to use it a lot, a larger size might make sense. Doubles as a prep.

Pill cutter - a little plastic device that fits in the palm of your hand - costs about $3 at the pharmacy. Allows you to easily cut a pill in half, and then quarters. Very useful for reducing dosages, especially if you operate outside of the system.
Fiberfix, I really love it. It can solve the most problems if you are in need of it.
It's Fiberglass on a roll that activates with water, becomes water tight and very strong. It's as good as it says in the commercial.

Even got fun commercials