My Experience with Turo


Rental cars are completely outrageous right now. So, the first time, I decided to rent a car from Turo. It's like AirBNB for cars and was about half of what a rental car would cost.

I picked up the car in Boston on Monday 21 June and drove it way up into northern New Hampshire. Everything went well, and I got the hang of the car. I also liked getting a chance to try out a Toyota Prius.

I had a scheduled return on Monday 28 June at noon, and I did what I could to be on time. That morning, I also washed the car and swept out the front seat. I arrived at the car owner's alleged residence about ten minutes before noon.

I called him and hoped he would come out to check out the car. He refused. He told me to place the key in a lockbox and hang the lockbox on his fence. He said he would come retrieve it later.

Well, he called me about 7pm. Yes, this was seven hours later. He was quite upset.

The engine of a Toyota Prius shuts down when the car isn't moving, so I must have actually left the car on. According to other Prius owners, this is easy to do. He also was concerned about the car being unlocked and was afraid that things had been stolen. He kept talking about how he felt "violated."

Yes, he had left some minor personal items in the car. There was a bottle of sunscreen and some USB cables. It's entirely possible that I did mistakenly take the USB cables, as I had brought some of my own.

I will admit that I was pretty mad. First of all, if he cared about the car so much, he should have come out and gotten the key from me when I dropped it off. He waited seven hours to check the car out. He also claimed that two gallons had been burned during the time, even though I had made every effort to return it full. If the car had been running for seven hours, it's certainly possible that some gas got wasted.

By now, I just told him to charge me whatever for the gas and the cables. He sent a bill for $47, which I paid without argument.

So, what are the morals here? Take out all personal items when you rent from Turo and give them to the owner. I wish I had done that, then I wouldn't have had to worry about them. And make sure you actually hand the car keys back to the owner. Next time, I will demand this.

No harm was done, and there was no damage done to the car. This dipshit still gave me a three-star review (out of five). I'm not sure how I will explain this if I try to rent on Turo in the future. Unfortunately, I gave him a good (five-star) review right after dropping off the car. If I could change that review, I would give him a two-star review or perhaps a one-star review.

So, those are my lessons learned from Turo. Hopefully, rental cars will become reasonable again. I don't expect that to happen for at least a year, unfortunately.


I have used Turo a lot and have had both hood and bad experiences. However, I can easily imagine such an experience happening.

I see this more because of the current culture than the app itself. Americans generally do not have flexibility and demand things to be followed to some human form of perfection while being hugely imperfect.

This guy you got the car from was a total douchebag. For 47$, he created a drama which could have easily been avoided. Additionally he was wrong as he did not come out and check the car. Now, he also loses your business for good.

These are deep psychological issues within him. People who generally believe in God, will be more flexible and forgiving of circumstances. They would also communicate their grievances better.

With decency and better understanding of the circumstances, he at most would have kindly requested you 15$ for the Gas and USB wires.

This is also a drawback of P2P business model. When you are more dependent on the person and have very less involvement of a 3rd party, then regulation is less and humans gonna human.

I suggest if you can respond to or comment on his review. Otherwise write to Turo about your experience, detailing your experience and that his review is incorrect. I doubt they can remove it. Maybe worth a shot and at the least Turo should be aware of the truth.


Looking back on the whole thing, it was a reminder that we really do live in an age of melodramatic narcissism. A couple times, during the phone call, he said that "I feel violated." If he had come out to meet with me, I might very well have walked back to my AirBNB to retrieve a couple USB cables. I would have rather done that than deal with this drama king. Keep in mind that he didn't call me until SEVEN HOURS later.

I definitely won't deal with this dipstick again. Oddly enough, he has a lot of good reviews. I'm just sorry I can't change it.

The next lesson from this is that I should wait a couple days before posting a review. If I had waited a couple days to post the review, I definitely would have slammed him.