My father is schedule to take the vaccine, please help me with some talking points...


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My little sister just called and gave me the heads up that my father is schedule to take the vaccine Wednesday, today is Monday.

My family is conservative and my father is an intelligent man, he was actually calling it all a government hoax before it hit. Back when we were just starting to hear about it happening in China while I was trying to convince him that it was something to have some concern about, my how things have changed! Anyway, my dad is normally very skeptical of medicine and the government but that got tossed out the window when his oldest brother took the father looks up to his oldest brother and if he took it then my father should take it too.

My father listens to me and will hear what I have to say I know that much, it will have weight to him I’m his only son. The thing is my father is off the boat and while again very intelligent, man used to do to calculus’s homework while speaking crappy English haha, quoting studies to him and things of that nature won’t have much of an impact....he doesn’t trust that garbage anyway. It needs to be more general and not fantastical, here is what I have so far:

-The government wants to control the population (something he has always said himself)

- The vaccine was rushed with the stipulation that the pharma companies can’t be sued for complications and they are making billions from it (he’s a business man that’s a good one)

- You can still get covid after taking the vaccine they are saying so what’s the point

- You still have to have all the covid restrictions so

- Nobody knows what the vaccine will do in the future (obvious one)

- He’s 66 years old and healthy, not at any risk of dying even if he doesn’t get covid

- I had covid and it wasn’t even as bad as a mild flu

- I don’t want him to die (this will hit him hard as well, we don’t normally do emotions in my family)

What else guys? Please help me out here, again needs to be more general and common sense rather than studies, stats, special media crap and things of that nature....

Thank you!


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My only suggestion is to start with any information by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He has tremendous in-depth knowledge, wealth of information and knows the history of Gates, Fauci, WHO, CDC, drug companies, etc.

The key point here is understanding the history: how it started, why they did it, when, etc. Once you learn the history, that's when one starts to understand the evil agenda by the Elites and its purpose behind the whole thing.

Note: RFK Jr's has been heavily censored everywhere by the MSM, Silicon Valley, etc. for "vaccine misinformation". Recently, Instagram has just banned him.


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Thank you brothers I sincerely appreciate all the input, guys have also PM’d me. You know I’ve been a member of a few forums, not a lot, amateur wrestling forums, forums for cars I’ve owned, bodybuilding forums....but none of them were like RooshV that’s for sure, the brotherhood here is something special. Instead of being contentious guys genuinely want to help each other here, thank you again.

I’ll take a look at all those videos and links tomorrow in my office and pick out some things from them. Pelern with the info that the testing isn’t even finished is a very good one, thank you.

The thing is my dad is an old fashioned farmer stuck in his ways, a true salt of the earth. He’s actually a very successful businessman but if you saw him and saw the way he lived you might think he was living out of a YMCA from the 50’s, he wants for nothing.

He’s not even afraid of getting covid at all, he’s been at the old man boater no women allowed club 3 nights a week since the lockdown started, it’s invite only they never closed. Like I said his older brother got the hoax vax so that’s why he’s on board with it now, old boater stuff his oldest brother is the king of the family. My uncle is a really good man I’m kinda surprised he himself got it, but even though he got off the boat decades after my father he is a lot more plugged into the mainstream so that was probably it. Total opposite of my father, man won’t be seen anywhere without a perfectly tailored suit on and does everything by the book, smooth operator. My dads side of the family is awesome you guys would love hearing about them, 11 siblings all super old school traditional.

Anyway, he’ll put no value into a YouTube video technology is a nothing to him and it won’t capture his attention, telling him this person said that or this person did that also means nothing to him, he would have no idea who those people are nor would he care. It needs to be just common sense talking points, I’m making a list I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

One thing working in my favor is that as his only son in his old age he has actually become quite fond of my affections toward him when before emotions had no place in our family whatsoever. I think if he sees that I’m saying these things because I care about him, I care about my father, it will go a long way and it will have an impact....of course that’s the truth.

I think at the least convincing him to wait and see how things go with the vaccine is a good strategy, hopefully later down the line more things will come out regarding it as they are trickling out now.


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You might have to play tough here. Tell him that if he takes the vaccine, then he should stop calling you because he has essentially decided to committ suicide.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

That’s last resort, don’t want to hurt my father but if it’s for the right reasons...
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Couldn't stop my parents from taking it, but perhaps your father can be convinced. As diehard liberals, my parents would rather die from the vaxx than live as "anti-vaxxers". Doesn't help that they work in healthcare, either. Hopefully your dad has more common sense than my brainwashed boomer 'rents.


Go the covid vaccine thread - there are countless links to articles, studies and experiences of people who died right after the second or sometimes first shot.

The risk of the vaccines currently outweigh the risk of covid. The only ones who maybe have to take it are those who are forced to do it due to their jobs. And even those may want to fight. You can hit your dad with countless articles and statements even by very mainstream doctors - doctors who are usually for vaccines, but are against this one.