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Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well tonight. Just got back from watching a friend win his amateur Muay Thai fight, and needed some peace and quiet after an evening filled with yelling and noise. In my silence and stillness over the last few minutes I was led back to a website which I love, but had forgotten about in the chaos of life, and I wanted to share it with those of you who are either Orthodox or curious about it.

I mentioned the "Unseen Warfare" book series in one of my Return Of Kings articles, the one about my favorite resources for Christian men, and this website has a lot of that material distilled and put into an easy-to-understand and follow format (which the books also have, but in a different way).

It is very easy, especially in one's early study of Orthodoxy, to come away from it believing that the faith is all about rituals, icons, chants, vestments, festivals, fasting seasons, and all the other "externals" - while forgetting that all those things are expressions of and guides towards the inner conversion and union with God which is the true core and point of our faith. That's what we call "theosis" - becoming by grace what Christ is by nature - and the inner and outer parts of the religion work together to achieve this in our hearts, minds, and souls.

Focusing only inwards without the physical and visible things leads to as many potential delusions and pseudo-religious emotional experiences as can exist, while focusing only on the externals is to miss the point completely and mistake the structure for the substance. Those of you studying Orthodoxy or just learning about it casually have already seen the externals, or heard them discussed, in any number of videos or articles or threads on the topic.

But the inner life is not discussed as often - hence why I wanted to share this website with you. It is essentially the collected and condensed wisdom of nearly 2,000 years of monastic and ascetic fruits, achieved and recorded by those who have lived the Gospel more fully and beautifully than the majority of people will ever do.

The faith is simple, but not easy. We do a lot of different things in order to reorient and heal a far smaller number of spiritual diseases and disorders. Hopefully, this website will help show you some of the "inner stuff" that is going on beneath the surface and help guide you towards truth.

I recommend starting at the very beginning and checking it out step-by-step, cheers and happy Saturday fellas.


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Been going through the website. Great stuff. It's set up up very nicely too. I keep it open on a tab and I read through the different "steps" - going back to parts that deal with my own situation.



Enjoyed reading this article. Just some good daily remembrances and some thoughts that can be forgotten when dealing with people day to day.

Hope everyone is doing good. God bless yall.