My mother teased me in a mean spirited way for being a white man - she is fully white and so am I




Creation thread clears this up:

This of course is refuted by:
Pope Leo XIII said this in the 19th century, post-Reformation times in which most of the world population started to believe in a globe earth and heliocentrism. Instead of being divided about non-issues, that don't affect us in any way, like the age of the Earth, you ought to focus on core principles and moral issues that are the glue of a community. That it took ages and not days to create the universe sounds reasonable to me, if you can sleep better at night for believing in YEC, there you go. All I'm saying is that literalism is dangerous and one of the many reasons civilization degenerated that rapidly.

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This is interesting. Let´s say women are super dependent on well-being of their children and they would literally die for them, but on the other hand, they are willing to watch their life get ruined without being agitated.

My good friend has 2 children and one of them is a white boy with US citizenship. Fortunately for him, he´s not living in US (but living in Eastern Europe). I sent her tweet from United Airlines about picking 50% of pilots from non-white minotities and women. She replied "that´s just where the world is heading to". I reminded her, that her son is white and if they lived in US, it might destroy him. She told me, that I see the situation too tragically and that she believes, that if you do something with love, soon or later you will succeed. I gave her an examples to imagine happening:
"We are sorry, but we can´t accept your son to our school, because he didn´t fit in quotas designated for white men."
"Mom, I have just went through 100th job interview and as usually, they gave priority to someone from minority."
I also told her, that frustration coming from such persecution could easily result in suicide or other tragedy.

And somehow, she still couldn´t understand, what I am trying to tell her and doesn´t see the situation "so bad". Just as a natural progress.


As a Christian you ought to forgive when somebody actually begs for forgiveness.
This is totally wrong. The Church calls on us to forgive those who don't even ask forgiveness. We must retain no enmity in our hearts for any harm that people caused us. We don't have to be their friends, and don't have to be a part of their lives, but we cannot let the sun rise on our anger towards anyone.


Presumably you're intending to give her grandchildren some day - ask her how she feels working against the interests of her own grandchildren.
Thank you kel, that's good advice.
Did you speak up? Let where you stand be known. This is a personal boundary thing as well.

I love my family but your own mother disrespected you based on your demographic. Tell her that's fucked up and you don't want to associate with her if she's going to behave like this and get an apology.
Yes I did, I pushed back with aggression and won that battle.


The original text contains an inaccuracy.

It states that she recently texted me, however that was ~2 years ago.

Apologies to all readers for this.
"Honor your father and mother. Then you will live a long, full life in the land the Lord your God is giving you."

I wouldn't go against that advice. (or commandment?)

If your mother is posing danger to you, then avoid her. But don't start to hate her, no matter what.
Because unforgiveness will put you in conflict with God. And you don't want that surely.
You can't control her thinking and mindset.
But you can control your reaction to her.
Christ also said:

“If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple' in LUKE 14:26

"Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me, and whoever loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me." IN MATTHEW 10:37

Well men, it's official.

Brother, my advice for you is this:

Jesus only obliges us to HONOR OUR PARENTS. Not to love them or agree with them.
and YOU WILL HONOR YOUR MOTHER AND FATHER by behaving in a decent way, being a servant of Christ and living for the truth.

A son who has a good relationship with his parents, but is a fornicator and / or a homosexual is destroying and humiliating his own family honor. This son, no matter how generous he is to his parents, he is dishonoring them.

When Christ says you should hate your parents and not love them more than you love Christ it means that:

When it comes to a situation where you have to decide on, please your parents (agree with the degeneration they believe) or preach the truth to their faces and thereby destroy the love relationship between you and them, you must decide on the second option.


I am at home now as I prepare paperwork to return to China and my mother has become even more extreme left-wing. She also believes in white male privilege and when I try to discuss this she says the same garbage that I can't understand because I am a white male. I admit to having privilege for being born in the USA vs. Haiti or North Korea; however, my race or gender did not give me special privileges. I had university paid for because I served three years in the army. This opportunity is true for all races that serve (and the army is very diverse (except for a lack of Asians). In the army, women often were treated better than men, all else being equal. My race and gender did not help me get a government job after graduating university despite military experience and a near perfect GPA in business. Many race based scholarships are for non-whites but few scholarships that have race requirement s include whites (look at Bill Gate's scholarships as an example).

I often hear my mother criticize whites and especially white males and even when I told her it is offensive, she still does it anyways. Being here to visit has weakened my relationship with her more. When I mention that Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell (both conservative black economists) have similar views about many issues including that all races should be treated equal, she will say they dislike their own race (despite them never saying such a thing).

To the OP: Your mother and my mother could probably be Facebook friends and talk about the evils of "systemic racism" and the "oppression" of "people of color." I know my mother is a hopeless case. She refuses to hear opposing viewpoints. She gets angry when I point out that CNN is biased and question things (I don't watch much-I see it when I am making food or coffee). She attends homosexual pride parades and loves pretty much everything Biden does. She was infected with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) and is 'spiritual' but not religious. If your mother is hopeless as well, I offer this advice:

Follow the Dale Carnegie approach. Avoid topics you disagree with, talk about topics you have in common (maybe you both like bird watching for example), point out extreme liberal views and ask what she thinks (such as the idea that math is racist)-this will determine how far gone she is. Tell her you were born white and you are not going to be ashamed of your race and that all races have good and bad people. Avoid politics and ask her not to discuss politics with you if there is no common ground. If your mother is religious, she has more hope (but it is still not a guarantee). Mention that God would not support judging people based on color of skin and neither would Jesus.

Yes, it is awful that some white parents are basically making children feel inferior. I feel sorry for young children with such parents. Don't let liberals make you ashamed of your skin color even if it is your mother.


I'd say forgive your mother, yes. St. Augustine says that hatred is like killing someone standing behind your back using a sword. First, you have to pierce yourself in order to hurt the person behind you.

Pray for your mother, but avoid her. She's decided to despise you in her heart and that's a terrible thing to do, epecially for a mother. If it's able to override maternal instinct than it must be a kind self-righteous indignation, which roots run deep. Very deep. You cannot reason with that.
It is a reference to his "Ask Christ, He knows from experience" and his previous post. He writes with a certain authority that hints at a Sola Scriptura mindset. I know he means well, but advice as such is dangerous because in reality it doesn't guarantee connection to our Creator, and in addition with the "all forgive" mindset he reinvokes the weakness in Christians, if he knows it or not.

Protestants can give great advice, but in this case it is rather misguided, of which not only Protestants are guilty of.
To forgive and to love does not mean that you have to like someone and spend time with that person. It is biblical to forgive and it is even better for yourself. You can still dislike that person and stay away from her or him for the sake of your mental health. Although it is not unbiblical to wait for an apology, I would rather forgive no matter what and then stay away.
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False and bad advice. You are Protestant so your pseudo-biblical interpretation has no place here and can be damaging to well-meaning members. Since OP's mother condones the destruction of the Caucasoid race it is important to have nothing to do with her until she repents of her evil ways. As a Christian you ought to forgive when somebody actually begs for forgiveness. You may reach out if necessary but you never forgive somebody for doing nothing. As a Christian you have to have the readiness to forgive in case somebody apologizes for their wrongdoings, which is a lot given that forgiveness comes from the heart.
Forgiveness through Jesus Christ is unconditional. Christ forgave the people who condemned and crucified him. You are correct that you need to forgive someone who apologizes to you, but you also should love your enemies and those who hate and persecute you.