My tweet about the Jews went viral


'Jews' is currently the number one trending topic on Twitter here in Australia :laughter:

EDIT: My mistake, it's actually number 19.
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Silverman's entire tired schtick is "I'm a cute Jewish princess talking over-the-top dirty". It worked ok when she was, ahem, young and cute, but now that she's old, it fails, because she's just a used-up old bag talking dirty. She's a one trick pony and the pony got too old to ride.

And, I'll note, even when she was young she never got over big (Jesus is Magic and The Sarah Silverman Show were not huge hits, but only critically lauded mild hits), and was only pushed because she was, again, a cute Jewish princess that the (((studio heads))) and other (((powerful entertainment folk)))) liked because she was (((like them))) and they wanted to screw her and she was also pushing their kind of comedy---Anti-Christian/Anti-Western.

(((Amy Schumer)))) tried to ride a similar pony (less over-the-top Anti-Christian, but more Anti-Western morality), but she got fat too soon to push it as long as Silverman did. And Schumer is literally Senator Chuck Schumer's niece! Talk about privilege.


The irony is that, when he first began his heresy, Luther was very much philo-semitic, thinking that the Jews had only rejected Christianity because it had been wrapped in the "false" package of Catholicisim/Orthodoxy. But at that point, Luther had never evangelized to Jews before.

And then Luther tried to convert the Jews and argue with them ....

and suddenly he got VERY anti-semitic, as this tract shows.

I wonder what happened, no?
To be fair there is a substantial train of patristic thought that in the last days the Jews will en masse convert to Christianity.

Also don't conflate what Luther was fighting with Orthodoxy. The Medieval Papism that Luther reformed had little to do with Orthodoxy. Luther and the Lutheran Confessions frequently spoke positively of and appealed to the East.