My view on dating in the this accurate?

I agree with some of your points- If you've read Aaron Clarey's "book of numbers"- indeed, the odds are very bad in the US. If your goal is to be happily married, it's about 4 in 1,000. And the other 996 stand to lose around $260k in the procurement, maintenance, and disposal of the marriage relationship. If you had put that into an Index fund as you accumulate the $260k- You stand to gain $7+ million at retirement. That's the cost of pursuing marriage in the USA.

The book is extremely rigorous in its empiricism, data, and solid economic modeling. I'd use it as a definitive authority on the matter.

I disagree with a couple of points though-

"Most good women will be held onto for dear life by men": Sure. Dating market is market for lemons. However, no matter how hard these "good women's" husbands hold onto them, they are going to cheat with the right guy.
There is no stopping in the West for this kind of behavior. In the end, a "good woman" really is just a woman who hadn't been caught. That's all. I've seen enough to tell you there's no such "good woman".

By the way, about 9 outta 10 women I met across all ages on dating sites are in an LTR of some sort. They are always spinning plates and monkey branching, even the not-so-attractive ones. The reality is, the simps far outnumber the low-value women, so they have no fear of repercussions acting in such a way.

"Especially past 30. In America, age gaps of more than 3 years are tough to reconcile. Past age 40, you really have no viable options at all in America.":

I strongly disagree with this. I married someone 11yr my junior. Every girl I dated before her is around the same range. And now, at the age of 41, I am going out with 24-30yr olds. I don't even look at a woman's profile unless she's under 30. And it isn't because I'm somehow better than anybody else, or that I'm trying to brag, at all. If you look around at folks like Rich Cooper or his friends- old dudes have a real edge when it comes to getting young girls, if the old dude has put in the work. I am in good shape, have nice style, live in a trendy place with a view, ride cool motorcycles, have a great network/preselection, and income. Get a few professional photographers and take some solid profile pics. Travel wide, speak another language, have fun hobbies... There is absolutely an advantage for men in their late 30s and 40s to pick up young girls. Men age very well, but again- you gotta put in the work.

The bottom line is, the state of a dating market depends entirely on your goal. If you wanna get married and have kids- Move out of the English-speaking Western world. Do not get married, especially in the US. The vast majority of Western men today do not stand a chance and a non-trivial number of men kill themselves as a result. However, if your goal is to spin plates, then it's fine, in fact, Western women's vapid, materialistic, and ADHD nature, plus social media and handheld devices have made it much easier to spin them.

On the whole, if your goal is to have genuine experiences with women of higher quality, without having have to compete with 1,000 other men (and instead, only 10 other men), on a higher statistical probability.... then you have to move out to SE Asia, or Eastern Europe. And even these places have their issues (you got to speak the language somewhat), and you definitely still have to put in the work.
I think spinning plates into old age is a lifestyle compromise, ego crutch, and huge loss to the gene pool (if you’re really a successful man). To each their own and it’s not a bad life if that’s your only and best option.

But honestly the men who do that are part of the problem. They are providing temptation to young women. The older man with good game who put in the work makes it easy, carefree, and fun for young women to upgrade their life without doing the work themselves.

The trade off is supposed to be her youth, beauty, child bearing, rearing, caring, cleaning abilities, etc. Now the young girls don’t even have to be polite, punctual, or even go on an actual date. We are enabling the deterioration of the woman-to-man dynamic.

It’s not the natural guys who pretend to be in a James Bond movie in their 40s and beyond. It’s the incel guys who couldn’t get a date in high school and spent their early adulthood grinding it out.

Most natural guys I know got over being promiscuous and settled down in their early 30s to 40s. They did not pedestalize women and were under no illusion as to their own dropping SMV. They had their fun and wanted stability and a family.

Mostly though they just complained about the purposelessness of continuing the college party decade after decade. They matured.

Pretty much all of them settled for 7s, too. They couldn’t control the 8s they dated. It was too much trouble to even get them. let alone keep them.

There are good 8s out their but probably 1 in 10,000 or more. I qualify for things like not from a broken home, diets and exercises, has actual recreational hobbies, wants to travel 6 months or more per year, etc. My options are near zero.

As a digital nomad I find myself in a real pickle. I bounce around on tourist visas and follow the weather. I’m comfortable and fulfilled being a budget traveler for the rest of my life. However, that lifestyle does not appeal to 7s and above. They want luxury and expect me to provide it. If I won’t, you (ie other men) will.

Even the Asian women had trouble traveling around their own country. Mot couldn’t do it. A few were able to do about two months.

Japanese and SEA women did not annoy me. EE and Latin women had a nasty side to their personality that came out daily. There is no way to be around the latter society’s females 24/7 while traveling. They’ve been raised to be assholes and take it out on men.

This is why you think spinning plates is good. You can be around assholes for tacos and fun. Then be done with them and enjoy your life. Online dating gives you abundance with little effort besides what you have already put in.

You’re a beta bux simp in sheep’s clothing. No hate. I’m hoping to get their myself. I can’t wait to have a million dollars to DHV to women half my age.

Life will finally be worth living when I gain marginally more interest from 20 year old spoiled brats. Mmm. I’m dead serious. That’s all I’ve been left with.

I do wish I learned Japanese and went their at 20 to be a loser English teacher. Or came up with a more lucrative money situation. My government pension is enough to live in the developing world. But it doesn’t impress locals anymore. Too many guys like you taking vacations and spending all their time on the few skinny women.

The world ha fattened up good and proper. 80% of the world is undatable on obesity alone.

I wish I was one of those people who was motivated by money. I turned down a billionaire lifestyle to travel around the USA in a van during my 20s. Then live in 50 countries in my 30s.

Wearing fancy tailored clothes and flying private wasn’t what I wanted. I wouldn’t mind it now but the opportunity will require significantly more work. Not sure I want to put myself out there like Roosh did.

Most people do not have a 140 or even 120 IQ. Without the protection of an industry career and laurels I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle. There are other ways to get money, stay under the radar, and have fun.

I even think I figured out the family and life partner situation, too. If I go back to Asia I’ll just implement my backup plan and golden parachute.
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