Naming your son '<your name> Jr'


Ghibellino said:
If the goal is to signal good breeding in an Anglo context,
Ahhh OK, now I get it. It's to signal good breeding. i.e. you have a close, tight knit family AND know who your Dad was AND he has an identity worth passing on AND it's something other elite do.

Reminds me of how family trees are 'racist'... because only certain people can trace their lineage on 23andme and from those uploaded ship logs and other historical documents.

Dallas Winston

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A lot of the American astronauts during the space race were juniors. I think it was the Mercury astronauts.

Some popular news piece came out back then explaining that juniors, at least back in those days, tended to have a high likelihood of success in life.

My Dad explained this to me when explaining why I was a Jr.

Made sense to me. I've done alright.