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Lace em up

Yep. Anyone who can pass this test and who meets the other qualifications can get a class seat at BUD/S (on the enlisted side, officer is a lot more competitive). You won't get far at BUD/S if you can only meet the minimum but I believe they have to pass this test in order to even sign an enlistment contract with BUD/S option which could easily be 6 months or a year out from actually starting the school, so someone could conceivably meet the bare minimums and then have several more months to work and prepare themselves to actually complete the course.

From what Ive read, before you enter BUDS, you must first attend a pre selection course. Thats where scores of men get dropped if they cant do everything they will need to do in BUDS, minus the duress. Nobody gets to BUDS doing those minimums. They are to weed out guys who cant swim or bodybuilder types too heavy to do the pullups and guys who have injuries.
Status update

Push-up 34
Pull-up 6
1.5 mile run 16:58

No update on swimming or sit-ups.

I may tried to do some sit-ups even though I am not really that interested. The 10:30 for 1.5 mile seems kind of tough. I might have access to a track in 1 month. I'll run faster then. Right now I am running on street with traffic stops.
Status update

Push-up 35
Pull-up 6
1.5 mile run 15:41 (on track - 6 laps)
No access to pool now.

I am doing a bit of sit-up here and there.

Hard to get fit doing each exercise 1x /week and running once a month. Overall I feel healthy, but cannot say I am fit yet. Also developed a bit of plantar fasciitis. Hopefully it gets better soon. It was fun to run on the track.
For those who think the standards are too low, again it is minimal standards for BUD. I am sure through experience they figured out with this criteria they cast a wide enough net for recruits, but not so wide that any random guy can walk into the bootcamp.

For example a dedicated 22 year old going to school full time and doing 20 hour/week part time job probably won't have the time to excel in the PST, but as long as he pass the minimum, once he gets into BUD he will excel.

Also Navy Seal is not just about push-ups, pull-ups, and endurance. Someone might not be physically superior but in BUDs they will out shine others in mental toughness, communication skills, leadership skills.

Anyhow, for me it's just a good barometer for fitness.

Did 30 pull-ups/chin-ups on 2 separate days this week. My whole back was so sore after Monday's work out. I need to be careful. My left elbow is starting to hurt.
It's smart to cast a wide net in terms of minimal standards, as there are many facets to being a SEAL. Though I suspect a big motivator to keep the numbers approachable is the recruiting aspect. How many people join the Navy with some fantasy or ambitions about becoming a SEAL? A lot I'm sure, if not most. The very existence of SEALs is easily their largest form of free advertising for recruitment.


Status update

Push-up 35
Pull-up 6
1.5 mile run 15:41 (on track - 6 laps)
No access to pool now.

I am doing a bit of sit-up here and there.

Hard to get fit doing each exercise 1x /week and running once a month.
Overall I feel healthy, but cannot say I am fit yet. Also developed a bit of plantar fasciitis. Hopefully it gets better soon. It was fun to run on the track.
Where´s the issue?
Improved my pull-up to 7 now.
1.5 mile run is down to 14:51. I still have some gas in the tank so I am sure I can run faster.
I've been running twice a week. It's been more fun since I have access to a track.

For the most part I am limited by joint pain. I've always had trouble with my right shoulder. I don't want to push too hard causing injuries that may require surgery. On the other hand I don't want to baby it either. Sometime disused can create just as much problem. I am still trying to figure out the right amount of pull-up vs push-up I should do to balance out my muscle. At some point I have to increase my work load. I feel I am reaching the newbie plateau.
Status update

1.5 mile run - 12:50

Haven't done pull-ups in almost a month, but was still able to do 7 the other day.
I have access to do bench press so I've taking advantage of that. Even though I haven't done any push-ups, I am hoping the bench press will help my push-up performance. My shoulder still aches, but does not fell too alarming. Obviously I like to be pain free. At some point I like to take a break, do rotator cuff rehab for couple weeks to see if it gets better.

No swimming for now.
My goal is to pass the navy seal PST (Physical Screening Test) as a middle aged man.

For the young, athletic guys here, this should be easy, but for guys in there late 40s, 50s, I think this is a good indicator of fitness.

Navy Seal PST - minimal standards

Push-ups 50 in 2 minutes
Pull-ups 10 in 2 minutes
1.5 mile run. 10:30
500 yard swim 12:30

I am almost 3 months into my training.

Current stats

Push-ups. 30 without resting with my knees on the ground. 36 with rest.
Pull-ups 5. With rest I can do 2 at a time, and 10 in 2 minutes, but I don't think that's what they want.
1.5 mile run. 17:42. I know, I know. Super slow, but I literally ran 3 times in 2 months. I have pain in both knees, so I am taking my time.
Swim. 12:52. I cannot do the combat side stroke well.

My plans is to achieve this in 5 years. You may ask why so long? Actually the longer it takes, the harder it is. Imagine passing the Navy Seal PST in 50 years like as an 90-100 year old man. Total exaggeration, but you get the point. The point is life long fitness, not to achieve some quick goal and brag to strangers on the internet. Also I am sick of these Youtube video with 30 days to 6 packs, 90 days to become an MMA fighter. Screw those quick fixes. All I want is to stay physically and mentally strong and healthy. All joking aside, I like to be able to do 40 push-ups in a row, 8 pull-ups, maybe under 14 minutes run within 1 years. Let's just say under 15 minutes for 1.5 miles. I don't want to push too hard.

Maybe I'll inspire other older guys to try this. I really think it is a good gauge of fitness.
You're working to hard, sir.

To real fix to get after your fitness navy seal style: just get get a big PR book-deal contract and talk about how you were the main star effort in some zero-dark thirty mission like all the other navy seal team guys, with awesome movie campaigns (act of valor, lone survivor, navy seals.) Just kidding, no offense to any retired frogmen or fans.


Back when I was drinking the Kool Aid HARD I had the idea of joining the Seals. I got into good enough shape to pass the PST. It's a great fitness goal, obviously would not suggest joining the armed forces. But, it did get me into kickass shape, and that fed me into beginning to run half marathons, and now my current goal is to complete an Iron Man. Great progress so far and God speed!
Thanks for the encouragements and the shoulder tips. Staying healthy and de-stress is definitely my goal. All these numeric milestones are just to keep me motivated. Believe it or not, so far I probably spend less than 5 hours a week exercising. The strength workout, even with proper stretching takes less than 45 minutes. Running takes 15-30 minutes, and add another 15 mins max of stretching.

Interesting looking back at my initial post in September. I definitely underestimated my running ability. Push-ups on the other hand is harder than I thought. Pull-ups were improving in the beginning but seem to have run into some obstacles.

I pushed myself really hard last week in the run, really burning up the last 100 meters. 11:58 is pretty much my max now. Without some longer runs and speed work, I don't see myself running much faster than this. The bench press definitely helped with my push-ups. I won't have access to BP from now on, the last month and half doing bench press was really satisfying. Finally doing reps with 45s. Just tried push-ups today and was able to grind out 40.

Set-backs - left elbow pain. Wonder if keep re-occurring when I do pull-ups. Doesn't bother me much with push-ups and bench press.
Developed this ringing in my ear that is concerning and adding a lot of stress in my life. Have to sort this out somehow.

1.5 mile run - 11:58
push-up - 40
pull-ups - 7 (hopefully still)

As far as I am concerned I have hit my intermediate milestone with push-ups and runs. When I move back home I will work on the pull-ups and start swimming again.


Glad you found a good exercise program to work at!

I'm getting older too and have to be cognizant about the limitations of my body and especially with rehabbing from injuries correctly. I'm a hockey player, so I'm used to playing through pain. But I'm also a "weekend warrior"/beer league player now, so there's really no reason for me to sacrifice my body for a recreational activity.

I'll just play video games until my ankle heals versus constantly aggravating it. Those days are long past for me, lol.


I think that it is always good to set a standard to live by. In one's health, spiritual life or knowledge.
Having a standard that is within reach is a good tactic.
I have seen many people fail and give up simply because they set expectations that were unrealistic. People who had never run and then believe a mile is within reach for themselves.
If you find yourself regularly meeting these goals, then you raise them. Make pushing yourself to be better, a life goal.


Make sure your pushups are chest to ground. Those are what are expected from AFSPECWAR standards. Use this program 4 to 6 days a week: You may also want to throw in a couple days of doing 3 plus max pushups after a bench workout where you put a 25 lb or 45 lb plate on your back.

Situps should be military style with hands behind head, with fingers interlocked. Do them by slamming your body back with shoulders hitting the floor so you spend less energy doing negatives. Just throw back hard after touching your elbows to your knees and then spring back while holding your elbows in a closed or open position the whole set without flapping them like a chicken wing for momentum.

I have been doing them daily and alternating sets by doing the PST guide which recommends doing sets of 20 and lowering the rest periods when you hit 4-5 sets of 20. The next day I might do as many sets of 10 in 15 second intervals with 30 second rest periods. Then the next day I might do a max set in 2 minutes with a follow-up of 20s mixed with several sets of hanging leg raises, hanging knee-ups, crunches, flutter kicks, planks, and windshield wipers.

Your 12 minute run will get better by doing 3 to 4 track workouts instead of several easy daily LSD runs.

For pullups, use the Armstrong pullup program or Pavel's 5RM fighter pullup program.
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I had a similar idea for this past year.

I can do a "half-Murph" in 45mins as someone north of 40.
The intent was to do a full "Murph" during the year at some point.

Then the Plandemic threw a wrench into matters...

Oh well. A goal to implement for next year.

Murph :
  • For Time
  • 1 mile Run
  • 100 Pull-Ups
  • 200 Push-Ups
  • 300 Air Squats
  • 1 mile Run
  • All with a Weight Vest (20/14 lb)
“Half Murph”
1 mile Run
50 Pull-Ups
100 Push-Ups
200 Air Squats
1 mile Run
No weight vest.
I'm gonna try to do a Smurph work out:

- 1km run with weighted backpack
- 25 pull-ups
- 50 push-ups
- 60 leg raises
- 100m sprint

I removed the air squats because my knees suck. I think that workout will keep me in decent condition. I feel no need to be a Navy Seal superman. But more power to you if you can do the full Murph at over 40.
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My life has sort of being turned upside down. This ringing heart beat in my ear has caused a lot of anxiety and depression. I am trying my best to snap out of it. Couple of times I woke up at night with panic attack, and even during the day I feel very tense and almost claustrophobic.

The first Dr. I saw just gave me some Xanax which I actually had to use twice cause the anxiety was unbearable. I am seeing another doctor tomorrow. I am afraid to do too much exercise right now coz I am worried maybe lifting weights increase the pressure in my head, causing this pulsatile sound.

This really sucks because I was making such good progress with my healthy and wellness. The anxiety and depression is also negatively impacting my relationship with my GF. Gonna think positively and move forward from this.
Wow almost exactly 1 year since my last post.


My health issue is not completely resolved, but I am living with it. My anxiety and depression has gotten better. Admittedly I had to take SSRI for 2 months, just to get over the unbearable anxiety. The medication definitely has its pro and cons, but that's another topic.

I still work-out regularly, but not intensely or religiously.

I swam 9:18 for 400 yards. But I am pretty sure my apartment pool is less than 25 yards, more like 23 yards. I have to goto a regulation pool to really test out myself.

I did 6 pull ups couple weeks ago. I was pleasantly surprised given that I haven't been doing pull-ups at all.

Ran 12:37 for 1.5 miles yesterday on the treadmill. I felt I still have some left in the tank. I am gonna try to beat my previous best of 11:58 when I get a chance to goto the track. I don't run much at all. Like 1-2x a month. My knee hurts a little bit.

Push-up might be the worst. Have totally neglected it. I did 20 and felt very tired. Gonna start doing them regularly. I felt a distinct drop in my libido last year with the mental and physically illness. Along with getting older, my testosterone level is probably much lower now. We'll see. Try my best to work back up.

During this time I also completed my first open water ocean swim 400 meters. I did pretty poorly, but I finished without assistance, and I was proud of that. Swimming in the cold ocean, 7 o'clock in the morning is very different from swimming in the pool. I am gonna set a goal to practice at least 10 times in the open water before I try my next race.

A lot to work on, but overall cannot feel too bad about my fitness. Some nagging injuries, but nothing major. Staying healthy mentally and physically is still the priority.

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It's smart to cast a wide net in terms of minimal standards, as there are many facets to being a SEAL. Though I suspect a big motivator to keep the numbers approachable is the recruiting aspect. How many people join the Navy with some fantasy or ambitions about becoming a SEAL? A lot I'm sure, if not most. The very existence of SEALs is easily their largest form of free advertising for recruitment.
Very astute analysis. That would never have occurred to me, but I wondered myself why the stats were so low
Did 7 pull-ups today. I think it's easier when my body is warmed up. Being older you are working against your stiff tendon and ligaments unless you are warmed up. Also I never believed in neurological aspect of strength training. It takes a bit to wake up my nervous system to want to work hard. Otherwise I just feel tired without even being fatigued if that makes sense.

Anyway, I pretty happy to be back to my previous peak. I think the swimming kept my back muscle strong.