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Cr33pin said:
Apparently the new Dave Chappelle special is not PC

Tim Pools cortisol level will give him a heart attack at some point.

I watched the new Dave Chappelle and he tried to make fun of the left and the right but he couldn't even do that right. He claimed that "mass shootings" are white people's hobby. Is it Dave? At least if you make fun of white people, do it right.


Richard Turpin said:
Anyone watched the new Dark Crystal series on Netflix yet? The original scared the daylights out of me as a kid, so I thought I'd give it a go.

What a pleasant surprise. Instead of ruining my childhood memories, this new take (actually a prequel to the events of the 1980's movie) is genuinely amazing! Must have cost an absolute fortune to make, the sfx (cgi and puppetry) is top-notch, the series comes off to me as a cross between 'A Game of Thrones' and 'Avatar'.

Compelling story (you need to pay attention), great voice-acting (Mark Hamill among them). Entirely faithful to the original as well. The attention to detail is remarkable.

Also, I'd be very surprised if this series doesn't get referenced in the (cough) 'political' threads. Anyone who sees it will get my drift on this.

I watched the first episode so far, and the level of craftsmanship is amazing. They really went all out getting the look and feel of the movie down pat.
Though I am confused about the story, I thought the skeksis and 4 arm cow creatures were from the same beings, just split apart when the crystal got split.

I watched the movie with my nephew maybe a few weeks ago, just cause I saw it on netflix and thought he'd get a kick out of it. I wasn't aware they were making a series of it.

Days of Broken Arrows

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Cr33pin said:
Apparently the new Dave Chappelle special is not PC

I watched it. My verdict is that today's critics have officially gone insane. They've given into public hysteria and have no concept of context.

What context?

I grew up in the era of Sam Kinison and Andrew Dice Clay. Compared to these two, Chappelle is like Mr. Rogers. And before Kinison and Clay, we had Richard Pryor and George Carlin -- both of whom did routines so dirty, radio stations got fined for playing them.

If you're going to be writing about comedy, you should know this history. But the recent review written about Chappelle's new special seems to be penned by millennial woman. They have no sense of history and apparently clutch rosary beads while thinking any off-color joke is somehow sinful.

Even boomer women like Christina Hoff Sommers are putting up pictures of these reviewers on their Twitter feeds with comments like "She looks like a real barrel of laughs." When you're being mocked by the Middle Aged Mom Brigade (who are usually polite), perhaps it's you that has the problem.

Anyway, no one should discuss Chappelle without bringing up the four comedians I just mentioned into the discussion. They made what he does possible. I'm sure he spent his teenage years laughing at their records like many of us did.

Comedy is actually pretty simple to review. If they laugh, it worked. If they don't, it doesn't. This is different than reviewing music or theater, where people can pretend to like something just to seem cool. Laughter is a gut reaction and the audience can't fake it easily.

Looked like Chappelle was still getting laughs to me. And even if those laughs were of the "I can't believe he said that!" variety, those are still legit laughs.
So was browsing the internet and came across the trailer for a new movie on Netflix titled tall girl

Basic premise is that how life is oh so terrible if your a tall girl. That you are a monster if you are tall girl and it is hard to find love. Of course its not her fault that she can't find a relationship but it is society's fault for making tall girls seem unattractive. What a load of crap.

I have met plenty of girls close to from 6 foot to 6 foot 2 who have rejected me because of my height. I am 5 foot 11 so I always find it comical when these tall girls reject me yet complain when they cant find a guy. No you can find a guy you just want someone who is tall. Not even a bit of above normal height will cut it for you.

My experience with tall girls (heck all women in general) is that they are most obsessed with height. And the funniest part is that women have no clue what height is. Most women I have been with will claim to be 2 inches then they really are. Heck even the tall girls I have been with (girls taller then 5 foot 9) all have been 2 inches shorter than what they have claimed.

Will Hollywood ever make movie titled short guy? A movie about how society treats men of short stature and are at the butt every joke. How there are tinder profiles of girls who are short but still have height cutoffs at 5 foot 9? How even your career can be affected as a short guy? Nope because being a tall, blonde and thin girl is much harder.


Watched Slow West on Netflix last night and was generally impressed. An interesting Western with some new twists to the genre.

Rotten Tomatoes critics gave it 92%. I give it a 7.5/10



Saw another good one on Netflix last night...Mississippi Grind.

Ryan Reynolds and Ben Mendelsohn star in this film about two guys who meet at a card table and decide they should pair up for awhile to try to hit it big. The latter owes a debt and needs a quick strike to keep him out of trouble and he gets Reynolds character to stake him as they make their way down to a big card game in New Orleans.

If you like Rounders, you'll probably dig this film. The acting is very good, especially Mendelsohn who has become one of my favorite actors recently.

The movie doesn't really stick to traditional 3-act storytelling which leads the story to wander a bit. However, the acting more than makes up for it. I'll give this a 7.3/10.



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Salinger said:
Watched Slow West on Netflix last night and was generally impressed. An interesting Western with some new twists to the genre.

Rotten Tomatoes critics gave it 92%. I give it a 7.5/10


Pretty good movie! Good recommendation
I give it a 7.129736

Also this music video using Stranger Things clips really shows that the series has some beautiful backgrounds and shots. It's easier to see and appreciate watching it outside of watching the show live...
An of course there are spoilers if you haven't seen season 3



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Days of Broken Arrows said:
I watched it. My verdict is that today's critics have officially gone insane. They've given into public hysteria and have no concept of context.

What's more pathetic is that I would wager a significant portion of the critics who gave it a bad review secretly enjoyed it. They don't write for the public, they write for one another, and like to signal how woke they are. I guess you'd have more inside knowledge on how accurate that statement is considering you used to (?) work in mainstream media.

I went to university with an eco-fanatic who had also been on UAF marches (UK predecessor to Antifa)... but was one of the more sane ones for sure. In private, he loved the fact I made sexist jokes and openly dissed Islam etc (this was when that was still very edgy). Because it was refreshing to him. So the idea all these coastal progressives were sat in stoney-eyed silence watching Chapelle just isn't believable to me. They just don't want to be outgrouped by their 'friends'.


New Netflix film depicts Jesus as a homosexual:

You could call this the crass temptation of Christ.

A Brazilian comedy streaming on Netflix that depicts Jesus Christ as closeted and gay is drawing fire from “seriously offended Christians.”

The film “The First Temptation of Christ” depicts Jesus paying a visit — along with a close bud named Orlando — to parents Mary and Joseph for the savior’s 30th birthday. Nearly 1.8 million people have signed a petition demanding the removal of the video — as well as a public retraction — from the streaming service for “the crime of villainous faith.”

In the trailer for the 46-minute satire, from YouTube sketch show “Porta dos Fundos,” Jesus (Gregorio Duvivier) and Orlando (Fábio Porchat) walk in on a surprise party thrown by his parents and friends, who try to figure out who his new companion is.

The film has drawn criticism from Eduardo Bolsonaro, the son of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who weighed in on Twitter.

“We are in favor of free speech, but is it worth attacking the faith of 86 percent of the population?” he tweeted, calling it “garbage” in another post.


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The Witcher (first half of season 1 via torrent).

Oy vey.
They have the props, the costumes, the sets & locations, the actors & actresses, the cameras etc.

Seems they forgot an engaging & entertaining script & plot...

Sure, if you've read the books or played the games it may mean more to you.
Yet otherwise, hollow characters die early in dramatic fashion & you're left to wonder why you should care.
Aside from the main guy, you spend a great deal of time watching other shitty characters for little to no reason.

All the while, the cherry on top is the female character dialog that would not be out of place in a feminist gender studies class room.
Never mind that it is set in a fictional fantasy world...


I was upset at the portrayal of Queen Calanthe as a feminist superhero until her arrogance and disdain for patriarchal tradition ultimately lead to the collapse of her kingdom. It’s actually kind of based in the long run.


I watched the Rolling Stones special OLÉ, OLÉ, OLÉ! : A TRIP ACROSS LATIN AMERICA, which covers their 2016 tour through Latin America. I love the Stones, but the movie made me feel like a whore at the Bolshevik gang bang.

1.) The special starts with “Sympathy for the Devil”. They could open with any song, but they chose the one that speaks of Satan in a fairly positive manner.

2.) We’re told how all the “cool” music in Latin America is about revolution.

3.) We’re told how the Latin American dictators of the 1970s wanted to eliminate all music. This was just a bold-faced lie.

4.) We’re told that graffiti is cool. For example, Ronnie Wood has a side hobby as an artist, so in one scene he is invited into some favella to spray paint on a wall.

5.) We’re encouraged to believe that the Pope is a piece of shit. During the Stones visit to Havana, the concert is almost rescheduled to accommodate the Pope’s visit. Keith Richards responds angrily, saying “He’s not my boss!” I am sure if the concert was in Tel Aviv and he received a similar request from a prominent rabbi, he would not have been so indignant. He would have bowed like a dutiful slave.

All in all, the music was good—certainly good enough to comprise the majority of the movie. But true to Netflix, or Hollywood in general, it got pozzed by the Bolshevik elements.



As someone who barely heard of the Witcher before the series, I kept wondering why he doesn't use his magic Force Push more, or why Yenn didn't just teleport up the mountain or what's up with the boring blonde girl or why a singer is following him around. And there's an old man who turns into a dragon, I think? Also, the timeline seems off. The little girl doesn't age, yet Witcher greets people we've seen earlier in the series as if he hasn't seen them in years. Yenn refers to wondering the world for decades yet doesn't age. Maybe it all makes sense if you already know the background.

Pacing was horribly slow in places but the plot picks up toward the end. The fight scenes were pretty well done. Most of the FX looked good.


The show jumps around its own timeline, unfortunately with no real warning or indication beyond who's not dead and/or born yet at any given time. I think they could have given the viewer a bit more clarity because I had to Google it at one point as well just to figure out what was going on. But most of the show takes place before "the present," before Cirilla is born.