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The biggest modern social networking platforms are rife with censorship, opacity and inscrutable rules governing harassment. Many conservatives feel unfairly targeted and believe their viewpoints are being suppressed.

Enter, a new social networking platform that hopes to be the answer to these pressing issues.

A beta version of the site, which is a lot like Twitter with hints of Reddit, was created in a remarkably short three weeks and has let in a few hundred users for testing. While the site currently only contains basic features, its founder holds lofty goals for the platform. As it stands, the site allows you to write 300-character “tweets,” but also upvote and downvote them like on Reddit.

Gab CEO Andrew Torba, a 25-year-old entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley, was troubled by what he saw as rampant social media censorship. Not only direct censorship of users like Twitter’s banning of conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos but more subtle corporate censorship like Facebook suppressing conservative news in their trending section and Twitter seemingly tampering with trending hashtags.

“Gab is a people-first social network,” he said. “We want to empower the user to generate revenue from their content and not just abuse them for their data.”

You can DM the CEO on twitter to skip the wait list. Andrew Torba

Cernovich, Milo (though he's yet to post more than once), Paul Joseph Watson, Ricky Vaugn, and others already have "verified" accounts there. Follow me @Gmac :laugh:

Either way, as it stand right now, any alternative to the leftist social media giant Twitter, is poised to bring over thousands upon thousands of conservative users tired of censorship and bias that is the current social media.



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I wish him all the best. I signed up for a spot in line. Hopefully, it'll succeed with traction from the high profile accounts like Milo.


Really, what we need is the "next big thing" after social media. Do to social media what social media did to personal websites.


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I'm in line for an account at and I just set up an account on Any suggestions on who I should follow on minds?


I don't see how this will take off without true inovation. Most people simply don't care or even notice the censorship, not to mention most people don't post anything that would be censored anyway. My prediction is this will end up just like voat. Ill set a reminder to check back in a year or two.

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I've got an account over there and given the relatively small user account base, there's not a huge amount of postings. As well, it's quite right of center culturally and politically (as to be expected). As still has a list of those wanting to sign up - as opposed to open enrollment - there's going to be a far lower traffic rate. However, once enrollment is wide open, expect to see a huge influx of new people, especially from Twitter because Twitter has some ridiculous censorship going on.


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Yo, I just got a vanity account -<common first name>
Don't use social media that much, but this seems to be interesting.
At present, however, I'm seeing most of it to be politically charged material -- hopefully this will change after the election and people will start exploring other things as well.
We already have RVF for the politically incorrect truth.

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I signed up a few days ago, there's over 80,000 people ahead of me in line to get in. I'll be patient, I live in Canada so it's a bit like waiting in the emergency room of a hospital.


Is Roosh on this? If him and a couple of others i follow on twitter get this i will have no reason to use twitter anymore.


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Marmite said:
I don't see how you could kill off Twitter without pulling the celebrities over to another platform.
It's a long game and only one piece of a very large puzzle.

There's also the concept of "threat point" to consider. Twitter may be less reckless about banning people for spurious reasons, if they know that the bannee will simply move to gab and bring their whole audience with them. So even if gab never kills twitter, it can help keep twitter honest.


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One advantage of gab, right now, if you aren't already well-established on twitter, is that there are a lot of like-minded people on there who are eagerly participating in the new platform. I have no real twitter/social media skills (I have 7 followers on twitter and have had my @blasterrvf account for at least a year). Meanwhile, after just one week on gab (with a different handle, am not sure whether I want my account to be linked to my RVF account yet) I already have 12 followers.

That said, the interface is definitely not as slick as twitter. While I actually like it more, since I find twitter's javascript stuff to just get in the way, I expect most people will still prefer twitter. Also I have to admit the Twitter timeline is easier to read, although is good.


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The Catalyst said:
Why do they even have a waitlist and why can't you see profiles without being signed up yourself?
(1) I believe the waitlist is for capacity reasons. They aren't yet prepared to scale up as dramatically as they estimate demand to be.

(2) I don't know.