New guidelines for sharing graphic content


As the world continues to descend into evil, there is a growing stream of publicly released photo and video that depict graphic violence or extreme vulgarity. From this point on, I ask all members to add a content warning to all media that features excessive profanity, gore, explicit sexuality, violent street combat, murders, or human death. We already have a rule on the books for this (no. 10) but it has not been enforced outside of nudity.

Warn members for these types of content:

1. Dances or movements that simulate sex, such as twerking or "booty clapping."

2. Multiple uses of profanity, which is common in public freak-outs.

3. Display of bodily wounds or serious injuries.

4. Combat that results in visible injury or death, such as someone getting shot/stabbed or jumped by several people.

For graphic images, do not embed them on the forum. Instead, use a text link by clicking the chain icon in the post toolbar while describing it clearly. Here's an example:
Rioter got his arm shot off. Link to picture.

Note that the forum may automatically embed images if you post a naked link (e.g. from Giphy or Imgur), so create the link manually.

For videos that do not have a graphic thumbnail, simply post a warning before the video. This will be common for Twitter videos. Example:
Content warning: profanity and sexual content

Another way to do this is to use the Spoiler tag. Click here to learn how to use it.

The main idea is to warn users about the content you're sharing. If the content is an image, use a text link to it instead of embedding it.
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Cool if we use spoiler tags and stick the content inside there? Has the added benefit of keeping post length tight. E.g.


p.s. Where did you even find this picture? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I don`t know about this. I accept the rules on the forum of course, and I try to adhere to them also. But I question whether seeing graphic violence etc. is a useful reminder of what were up against. If you don`t remind yourself of it`s existence, it`s easy to forget that is does in fact exist, and that it`s threat is imminent and you must take steps in order to avoid this or that outcome. The same goes for so many other things. Google search images of various STD`s for example. You will get the more extreme outcomes, but still a ample warning of what could happen.

I`ve learned a lot from my visits to Best Gore over the years. I don`t recommend lingering on the site, or visiting it to often. (I don`t do that either) But just knowing about these things, and again getting a reminder from time to time is useful. I won`t argue with the police like I used to for example, for various reasons. (Not that I`m anti-police per se.)

I won`t drive a bike in the Dominican Republic without a helmet, or in Brazil for that matter. I won`t go hiking in drug cartel areas in Mexico. And I won`t try to commit suicide either, seeing what actually could happen to you. Personally I don`t need any warnings, but again, I don`t make the rules.