New member introduction thread


I'm bringing back a practice we used before: registration will only be open on the first of the month. It starts on October 1, 2019.

To all those who are going to join the forum, I must stress that moderation here is heavy, unlike what you've seen on other platforms. RVF is more like a semi-private club than a public platform such as Facebook, so you must take care to read and follow the rules. Also, RVF is not a "lifestyle" or "pickup" forum like it was in the past. If your main goal in life is to get laid with multiple women, you are not a good fit here.

The forum has been attacked more than ever in the past several months, with some determined trolls using programmed bots and other tactics. There is also a demonic element to these attacks (one former member posted porn on a religious thread). Therefore, you will be given absolutely no leeway. If you are new, and post in a manner which shows you obviously didn't read the rules, or that your life goals are not a good fit for RVF, you will be banned. Click here to read the rules.

Once you're registered, feel free to introduce yourself in this thread and ask questions from other members to ensure your experience here is a good one.
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RE: 1st of the month registration and introduction thread

Long-time lurker here. I've gotten a lot of value from this site and it's time I registered and contributed.
Another long time lurker but I feel I want and need to join in more actively now. I've been here since the 'pickup' days but have moved on with my life, and while I'm not quite as far along my spiritual journey as Roosh I think this is the place for me to learn and grow.


I mostly make use of the datasheets; as i often travel to different cities and i have found those reports to be of varying degrees of usefulness as a rough guide of areas/places to check.

so i want to thank everyone who has contributed and posted these city reports.

I am a Londoner born and raised fyi and still based in London so Im sure you all appreciate why I feel the need to travel often.

but would be be great to link up with other Londoners and perhaps have an occasional travel buddy or occasional London wingmen.
Long time lurker who enjoys the data sheets. I am currently located in the Midwest, let me know if you are in that area looking to trade knowledge.


Echoing the long time lurker, and decided to finally register. I wanted to be able to access the archives if I wanted to look through them still, and am curious to see how and what this forum evolves into.
Hey, Roosh! Not a long time lurker, but I occasionally read the threads you recommend in the mailing list and those have gotten me interested. I've kept an eye on your journey through life and I'm curious to see where it will take you, and us as well.


Hey guys, glad to be on board! I'm in my mid 20's just graduated school and moved to a major city for work. Spent most of my life grinding hard at school, internships, etc to get the career I have now. I prioritized it over everything so I neglected pretty much everything else like girls.

I'm looking forward to working hard at repairing this part of my life now. I've started lifting 3x a week, changed to a better haircut, and slowly trying to buy better clothes. Next I'll really start trying to approach and get some experience there.

Hopefully I can report back on some successes in the coming months and years.
Hey Roosh. I've been lurking for the past 2 yrs or so.
I'm a younger guy, still in college in the midwest.
I've read a few of your books and spent the last few years improving my game up until recently.
I'm at 44 but I've decided to make some changes in order to ultimately get married and raise a large family in the future.
I wish I had faith, but I don't, at least at this point in life. I hope to bring value to other forum members soon.

The Guest

Another long time lurker here. I stumbled on RoK and Heartiste back in 2013 and have followed Roosh and the rest of the dissident right since.

I'm a couple years younger than Roosh and my story is similar in some ways. Grew up outside a major American city, was a scientist bluepill beta, then learned to be a serious fornicator, and finally returned to Christ not too long ago. I've spent my life in the belly of globohomo, I've even worked for one of the companies that banned Roosh, but I'm trying to figure out a way out.

I thought I'd say thanks for the forum and your other work. There's been sin, yes, but there's also been grace, and I've learned a lot about life from the discussions here.
I've been lurking here for 6 years now and looking to contribute to the forum. Roosh has helped me by presenting views on his blog that red-pilled me at 18. I've had a lot of fun with the knowledge but feel as though there is more to life than the pursuit of selfish pleasures.

This forum is one of the few places for unapologetic masculine talk while the rest are being killed off (honk honk). Living near bigger cities has me feeling atomized without someone to turn to who experiences reality as I can see it. Thank you all for providing some form support in these crazy times.


It's the first of the month again and there has been demonic activity today. For inappropriate posts, you can use the ignore feature after you report the post so you don't have to see the filth.
I think it is good and strong that this forum have changed into what it is now. It is also fitting in these toxic modern days, when men are getting less interested in certain things than what was the case when society wasn't as anti-male.