New member introduction thread

Hiya. I've been lurking on the forums for a few months now. Alongside Tim Kelly's podcast, Our Interesting Times, and Adam Green's Know More News channel, I use the forums as a news aggregator. I first discovered Roosh via his interview with EMJ and have been watching his Hours ever since.
New to the board. Early middle age. Catholic. Married. Children. Home owner. Worker. Used to tour, make records. Degenerate past. Grew out of it. Came back to the faith. Seeking peace. God is very generous. You never know what He’ll do next.


21 year old Catholic convert here. Recently went through the stages from redpill to godpill starting summer 2019. Been following Roosh, EMJ, and others for this same period of time.


Hi 21 year old here, just graduated, lost on what path to pursue. Found Roosh a few months back through his convo with EMJ. Loved his Babylon Road series, and I watch every Hour. Here for good conversation, wisdom and growth
Hi. I'm a Catholic convert in my early 30s. I have a similar story to many here taking the red pill, black pill, and finally the God pill. Been following Roosh since a little before his conversion.
Good to be here. Followed Roosh for a while, moreso since the transformative events in his life a couple years back.

I'm in Poland right now, planning on having the summer of my life here, and I mean that in the best possible way. In Warsaw specifically.

Not sure if this breaches new account etiquette, but I am looking for a quality wingman, in Warsaw, as my solo game is just not as bold as it needs be.

Basic but strict requirements, if there is anyone at the moment in Warsaw :

- I am fit, seriously Christian, good-looking, cultured, early 40s, could pass for mid 30s, and I speak the language. You don't have to be all the above, but need to be well-mannered and presentable, or at least seem so, man.

- No interest in whoring; only looking for high quality, traditional girls for long term, meaningful relationships. One of which I have already found, and she may be hard to beat, but I still aim to try.

- Occasional cigars; no drugs, ever. I don't drink but I have no issue whatsoever with you & the ladies getting liquored up.

Warsaw, it is true, is much degraded by the prevailing Western putrescence - but still so, so nice. Let me know if there is any one in Warsaw that is interested by the above.

Take good care, gentlemen.

- Adam

Rob Banks

I'm an older businessman and executive with a family. Previously, I hadn't paid too much attention to Roosh, (no offense) but since he's converted and refining his writing, my interest is piqued.

Not sure what I'm looking to get here. My wife and I now feel it's impossible to find people who share our values IRL, but I'm not sure about meeting allies over the internet. So, we'll see where this goes.

Interests include business, investing, politics, reading, writing, gardening, fitness. Also, parenting. Zero time for bullshit, so mostly looking to connect with higher value, intelligent men with a backbone.

I also like butterflies.
Was going to upvote if it wasn't for the bolded portion.

I HATE butterflies. :D
Howdy! I'm a student in university for engineering, and have been a lurker since around fall 2017.

Stumbled on online porn at an early age, kept me a mindless husk for a significant portion of my life, typical 4channer trash for a long time, found NoFap and Roosh's earlier content and became comfortable around women, cleaned up my act, and then had a "Come to God" moment right before Christmas 2018. Now, a Catholic.

I'm a big tech guy, but also enjoy reading (currently reading Master and Margarita, highly recommend thus far!). Chat me up about cars, tech, books, investing, politics, or whatever else. Maybe you'll help me find a new interest!
I just graduated from being a two week newbie to a full fledged member of the forum! It feels good! :) Now I can finally create my own threads, react to posts, and decide on an avatar for myself. And when I hit 100 reaction points, I can set up a commercial link to my signature.

I'm looking forward to going from a Robin to a Bald Eagle or a Pterodactyl! Lol

I have enjoyed getting to know the people here, and gotten some new insights. And I'm sure there is much more to learn. I appreciate that the forum members really seem to care about each other. My thanks to Roosh and everyone.


I'm about to get out of the navy after 6 years, interesting experience, writing a book about it. 23 years old looking at east coast Florida colleges for air traffic management. Agnostic and probably going to do more lurking than posting. This forum is much more interesting than most of the alternatives.


Hi everybody, I am a 26 year old software developer with my own small business and I help manage a restaurant on the side. The goal of the tools I create is full ownership of the content you post to your website, while also building a thriving community who's data is under your fingertips, not rented out. I originally set out to simply have fun creating software people could download to design cool websites, but the politics of the day and insane censorship has forced me to add this element to my business.

In fact, the same climate is starting to spill over into my regular life as well and the corona lockdowns have been the arbiter to helping me get my arguments straight and finally be able to discern between right from wrong in real time. Watching our restaurant get under attack by mask conformists and watching my friends bend the knee to insane policies that nearly killed our business was too much to bear

Learning the Red Pill over the years and following Roosh's work gave me plenty of knowledge but I realize now the loops I went through over the years reading about the problems but never translating it into any net positive for my own life. I no longer live to show anyone how much I know anymore, I just try to be the best example of how a free human being operates in the world.

I have really enjoyed this forum as a lurker and look forward to getting to meet many of you. See you around!


Hello: I'm a 56-year-old, happily married for 20 years. Raised a Baptist. I was an atheist for most of my life but came back partly because the only real friends I ever had, even when I was an atheist, were all Christians who allowed me into their circle. They didn't pressure me or anything, they just gave me compassion and understanding. Compassion...powerful stuff.
Hello, i am 19 year old former red piller and now believer in God and faith. I am severely depressed because of my hedonistic and nihilistic lifestyle but i want to make a change. I registered here to get good advice on life from older men, because i had no father who guided me in my life. I am happy to discovered this forum before i did more damage to my soul. I hope to learn one thing or two about how i can lead a life with integrity. Greetings from Germany!


Hey everybody. I'm a long time luker. I have been around since 2015. I discovered the forum from ReturnofKings (which I knew from /r/theredpill).
I'm in my lates twenties and I live in western Europe.

My main interests are self-improvement, relationship management, finding and keeping a good woman, being a good husband and father but also everything about news, politics and "red pills" knowledges.

I love philosophy, psychology (mostly evolutionary and neurocognitive), anthropology and ancient wisdoms.

I want to learn more about self-preservation, self-defense, firearms and autonomy.

Politically, I'm mostly a conservative but I judge more the person than that the party.
This is no longer a game forum so it can't help you with finding a "wingman".
Understood, my mistake, and I appreciate the correction. By wingman I meant a compatriot with approximately the same outlook and qualities, with which to go to a few bars in Warsaw, to talk, and take in the sights and opportunities as they might come.


Hello rooshvforum,

I was a lurker some years ago. Things are getting increasingly crazy and I wanted to be around some sane people. And here I am.
I'm Christian some times, others I just can't believe in God. I always want God to exist though. My interests are philosophy, running, alternate history and growing plants.

I'm happy to finally have an ccount. God bless you all.
Hi. Married with three kids. Been reading and following Roosh for a long time. Loved his free speech book and while I wasn’t able to attend his tour I did buy the recorded version of it. I’m here to connect with like minded people in these turbulent times.