New member introduction thread


I read ROK/RooshV articles for 6-7 years, and watching your youtube for a couple years now.
I’m 24,
Catholic/interested in learning about Orthodoxy. New convert from being a jew/atheist. Christian for only 2 years.
Married with kids.
I’ve always enjoyed your content, but never posted because of the vulgarity that was often present.
This forum and the strict rules are a refreshing change!

Brother G

Hello, gentlemen. Longtime lurker, first time poster. I've likely been using this forum since 2015 and have followed it throughout all the changes over the years. It's about time I finally registered.

About me: I'm an American in my 30s, recently married with kids, and working abroad in Saudi Arabia where the standard of living is higher for expats willing to endure this place.

Looking forward to participating.

Nice to meet you all.


A follower of God from Finland. Married, nondenominational for lack of non-converged churches here and heavily anti-Churchian Christian, nationalist and a father to two children.

Vices I've yet to shed: porn and sweets, the first mentioned being a massive problem for me. Coffee I take on social occasions, a cup of green tea less than daily. I also play some gacha games, though my main motivation to play them is to keep my mind off porn. So far hasn't really worked, so there's that.

I have watched from the sidelines the transformation of Roosh into something exemplary in his devotion to God. My coming to Christ was at age 28, but sadly I have to state I have compromised on what God wants for me and my preference for my chosen chains of sin.

I come to this forum to become a better man, and not in the /pol/ SIG sense, but in the sense of knowing and choosing the path God would have me on.


Hi all,

Been meaning to join for months but always missed the 1st of the month, so definitely glad you changed that @Roosh!
I'm a nationalist from Eastern Europe, and currently living in the UK because of how much I hate the corruption back home. Our former prime minister is literally in a prison cell right now.

I've been an avid reader of Return of Kings since about 2013, when I was still back home. It was very interesting to see, back then, the culture war the West is going through. We don't experience that still in Eastern Europe, nothing at that level. Then I moved to Manchester, England, and started to feel a part of that myself, so I applied to be the host for the RoK meetup here. It didn't go that well but got a lot of purple haired feminists angry and made some people high up in my University see how crazy they are. They tried to get me kicked out of my Computer Science degree by making reports of sexual assault on campus, and they were so stupid that the reports came from all over England, the US, even Australia! They failed.

Funnily enough, I met the person that was supposed to be the host in a random bar after I heard him mention some things. (That's Andy, Roosh, you probably know him). We're friends now.

I wish everyone good luck in this war, especially Americans. I hope you all become more united in this cause.
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Happy to be here and thanks, Roosh, for the forum. Been following Roosh since hearing about his transition from game to Christianity and found a lot in common. Started traveling for work often and tuned into the US tour (Babylon road).

My interests include exploring the mysteries, learning alchemy, resarching cosmologies and perfecting my relationship with the Creator.

I am 30 years old, a father of two daughters with a subservient and loving wife who rears our children with love and dedication

I am very much looking forward to engaging here. I usually just lurk and listen to videos as I work with my hands, exercise, or run errands. i quite enjoy what I've read so far and wanted to jump in on the conversations.

God bless.

Very much looking forward to sharing ideas with like minds.



I’ve recently rejoined the forum after noting it has been repurposed. Like many here, amid the decline of Western civilization, my path has meandered.

After working as an engineering consultant in Los Angeles for nearly 30 years I’m currently an expat in the Arabian peninsula.

Over the last few years, during the holidays, I’ve been spending time in Central and Eastern Europe. I’m drawn to the social cohesion and comparatively intact religious traditions of these societies.

After completing my contract here I hope to settle somewhere stable where I can establish roots and hopefully form a family.
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I have been following Roosh and a number of manosphere bloggers since 2011 and decided it was about time to sign up for the forum. I became a father recently which, together with the recent turmoil, has really altered my perspective on modernity. Akin to taking a 2nd red pill. I do not need to explain anyone here. My main motivation at the moment, besides family, is to grow spiritually. I hope I can contribute to some threads here and there but will likely lurk most of the time.


Hi, I joined a month ago and have lurked on/off for longer than that.

I don't want to go into too much biographical detail but I would describe myself as following a similar trajectory to many here - from sleeping around when I could to looking for a proper, traditional marriage as I enter my late 30s. The latter seems if anything tougher!


Hi everyone, I've lurked here on and off for a while and finally decided to join. My journey back to God has been similar to Roosh's in many ways, and I'm excited to be a part of a community of likeminded men seeking God.


I lurked on Roost V forum for years. I really liked Roosh's matter of fact writing style and his take down of feminists. I have Game and the Best of Roosh. However I was never interested in the pua stuff. I just filter out all the pick up stuff and read the red pill insights. I am a Christian but I don't go to church much. The last local church I went to, the minister told me the resurrection of Christ was a fable. I walked out. I joined to read and, once and awhile, comment . My big interest is in the historical validity of biblical events (the Flood, Exodus, the life of Christ, etc)
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Hey yall, Ive been following Roosh since the 2016 election but am finally done lurking on the forum and twitter. I grew up United Methodist but moved away from that church since my eyes were open to their acceptance of gays tyrannies and other degenerates. I am excited to see where God leads me in my faith. Im early 20s and just getting started in the real world and am looking forward to the invaluable advice i will certainly receive and share here.
Good evening, gentlemen. It's an honor to keep company with you! Lord, I pray for mortification, humility, and re-conversion of the West. Only Your Grace can miraculously save us from the flood we've brought upon ourselves. Lord, give us the grace to repent and turn to you and serve you. Amen
It's a trip to have finally joined. I hope everyone is living under the grace of God and those that are currently experiencing hardship find refuge in Him. Long time lurker, I followed the site from '09 when I met a Brazilian girl working with me a ski resort after dealing with the recession. Roosh its been interesting to see your evolution and its tracked mine somewhat as well.

I live in the US, mid 30s, and currently studying. Nondenominational Christian, engaged, and enjoy travel. Hope to find some solidarity with like-minded individuals. It's not the easiest of days brothers.