New member introduction thread

Just registered today. Medium-time lurker who missed the November window. Had a LTR that fell apart back in spring that woke me up as to the path I was on in life. I read up on personality disorders and realized how many traits I was dealing with, read up on emotional literacy (thanks Richard Grannon) and immediately connected that with the concept of inner game. Glad to be here to learn and share with such a great community.


Much respect to all of you on the path.

Realized God in several 10-day silent-meditation retreats.
Lived in the forest for a few years, deepening the connection.

Roamed alone in a camper-van for several years.
Watched the changing 'sphere since 2005.

Observed Roosh's changes this year.
Very healthy refresh.

May your thoughts be crystal clear.


Hello, I have registered today.

I read the site during much years and went to the forums some months ago. I'm glad to be here and to learn with this fantastic community. I hope I can offer you the same level of information you gave me.


I've followed Roosh back when he was running his blog and Return Of Kings. I was greatly disappointed when RoK went on hiatus but I'm glad to have found solace in finding the forum from the link on Roosh's blog. It was (and still is) very refreshing to gather in a community with like-minded masculine men. After perusing the forum for a couple months it's nice to finally be a part of it and the community, which I feel like has been sorely lacking in my life.
mojo said:
Much respect to all of you on the path.

Realized God in several 10-day silent-meditation retreats.

I thought about the reasons why someone would have for believing something, and it boiled down to 1) evidence (or what you would accept as evidence), 2) delusion (concocting evidence for or ignoring evidence against), and 3) a choice.

A few weeks after my sister died earlier this year I was pacing up and down for some reason and then I stopped, and said to Jesus "Ok, I'll do it. I believe". I'm sitting a couple of feet from the spot where I stopped and I remember exactly where I was facing. I've heard that when you decide to believe it's a huge deal up there. I like to picture angels cheering and opening bottles of champagne saying yeah! We got one!
I've been an occasional lurker for over 5 years mostly visiting posts through google searches on specific topics I need to seek advice from and datasheets before my travels. I've gotten an enormous amount of insights and growth from the archives of member posts that I cannot thank Roosh enough for providing this platform for the benefit of all of us. Also I didn't realize how much work Roosh had to put in to keep the site up and running while fending off the vultures so thanks again for everything!
I've been lurking for a few years and I'm glad Roosh made the decision to listen to God and accept Him in his life and try to reflect the light on the lost souls on this forum. It's truly enlightening to see something so positive happening against the clown- world we live in.

Even though I have been lurking, as a younger family man, I was never interested in the formication aspect of the forum but rather the "truth" topics that started taking hold of this forum more and more and the more some of the members complained when Roosh made his decision the more light started shining from it.

I'm not much of a writer on mobile so I'll keep it short for now,
So enough lurking and try and give something back to a forum full of a wealth of knowledge.
Greetings, I used have an account and posted perhaps a couple of times (us: happyplace). That login broke and I couldn't recover it, so I made a new account yesterday, after having the Dec. 1 date on my calendar for about a month. I appreciated the "classical" male point of view that is less appreciated these days in society at large. My main interests are international travel and relationships, but truth be told, I'm 45 and not really into racking up notches these days. I have deep connections with Colombia and could help others understand the culture and certain language issues, and, of course, the mentality of Colombianas, which is quite an interesting topic to me.

Thank you for allowing me to re-join, Roosh, congrats on your changes, I've always thoughts that evolution is a key part of life.

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Roosh is like a modern-day (and more courageous version of) Gideon, who culled his small crew of men to the few willing to jump through some hoops. The changes to the forum over the last year have driven away plenty of people I don't really miss, but all the insightful posters I enjoy reading remain.

I think the new folks will be better and more valuable members than those we've lost. God rewards those who stand by their convictions and don't compromise for popularity. Welcome new dudes.



Just wanted to introduce myself as a new member. I've been looking for a place to have serious conversations about rebuilding men, rebuilding families, rebuilding communities, and rebuilding society. To be honest, I think society overall is doomed, but self-sufficient communities can survive the coming collapse, but we need to be prepared and organized and strong. Lately, places like imageboards where (amongst a lot of noise) you used to be able to have these conversations have become overrun with gratuitous trolls and bitter, miserable globalist Beckies. So I'm glad to have finally registered here.

Without doxxing myself too much:
I'm in my mid-30s, I live in a big, globalist hellhole US city. I work a tech job I like - at least, the core of my job, not a lot of the pointless meetings and office bullshit that comes along with that - and that pays well, so I'm lucky there, but I'm really over the rat race. My coworkers.... they're harmless in the end, but they are the stereotypical rootless metropolitan white collar NPCs. It seems like all they really care about is getting doubletaps on the instagrams they took of themselves at the latest popup ramen restaurant, and it seems like they plan on going with that for the next several decades until they die. I want a bit more transcendent meaning than I'm going to get here. I'm tired of the commute, I'm tired of the atomization, and I'm over the shallow relationships. I'm ready - more than ready - for a bigger challenge.

My goals right now are:
- get out of the city, move to the countryside, do some regenerative farming, supplementing my income with remote code-monkey bullshit as needed but mostly get by by living a modest lifestyle and not carrying debt
- but first, I need to get my family together. I, unfortunately, spent years living the urban hipster rooftop party lifestyle as I know a lot of you guys did as well, so I've never had a problem having fun and getting laid, but the women I know are all this kind of rootless urban daytime ladder climbers nighttime binge drinking instagrammers. Not wife-and-mother material whatsoever. I'm in a sort of catch-22 where meeting the caliber of woman I'm looking for is difficult to do in the circles I run in and in the city I live in, but I feel like I need to do this before moving for practical reasons. And I feel, very viscerally, the sands of time slipping through the hourglass.
- the truly honorable men in my life live far away, the males in my daily life are mostly effete bugmen, so along with getting my family together, I'm trying to recruit others like me who want to do roughly what I'm thinking and found a little community together, where we can have each others backs, raise our families together based on shared values, and create the kind of honest, healthy, loving, and tight-knit community modernity seems very hostile to.

So, that's me. Looking forward to talking.
I've been lurking for a while. I was aware of Roosh and the PUA community for years without ever participating in it.

I was inspired to hear about the recent shift towards Christian and traditional values which is something I want to pursue also. Just trying to find some peace of mind in this messed up world and planning for a way out. I want to get back to nature and away from the city which seems to be a common thread here.

Recently I've been trying to establish proper faith in Christ as opposed to filling my head with the aimless Eastern/New Age stuff. It's early days but I'm hoping it is the answer.
It has a been a pleasure spending a couple of years reading the travel section, but also other topics that would be off limits pretty much anywhere else. I admire Roosh's resilience and support him on his journey.

I haven't reached exuberant levels of game myself, but the final goal was always to find an attractive woman worth committing to, with all the possible ways that things can go south. Being an Eastern European, the family was always a natural aspiration. In that regard I see the value of Christianity and what it had brought us through the ages.

I spent my student years in Austria, which was becoming increasingly unbearable despite my paycheck growing exponentially. Then I went to Sweden for a Master`s degree and staying in a smaller town, I saw the past greatness of this troubled land. I recently came back home to try to live among more sensible people, albeit on a tighter budget. The people around me are still shocked that someone would not just follow the cash blindly.

Cheers to all of you! Your information, theories and humor have inspired me many times. I hope I meet some members personally some day.
Hi, everyone,

Been lurking here for about 6 months. Over the last few years it seems like it's been more worthwhile to get takes on current events and social trends on message boards than traditional media. However, not all boards are created equal in terms of quality of content. I stumbled upon this board while looking up some stuff on E Michael Jones and was really impressed at the level of discourse. I occasionally post on a mixed martial arts forum but the subject matter discussed here and the level of discourse on here made me keep lurking and checking out members takes on current events.

I think the idea of "logos rising" has some merit to it and it seems like this forum is a place where it is happening. It's extremely refreshing to see traditional ideas and Christianity discussed without the usual vitriolic reflex that postmodernism has conditioned many in today's society to react with whenever these things are brought up.

Seems like many people on here have woken up to the lies modern society has peddled and are trying to find the correct path in life, which is the same boat I am in.

Cheers to everyone and happy new year!

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New member here. Been coming here from time to time over the years seeking honest (non pc) viewpoints. So few places on the internet men can share their views and opinions. Also appreciate the levity that can only come from being truthful.


Welcome January 1 members! I fell asleep at the switch and forgot to turn registration on until the afternoon of the 1st, so I will allow registration for a bit longer.
Hey everyone!

I've been visiting the site for a year or so now and have read some of Roosh's books. I'm glad to see the direction this forum has taken towards Christianity as I was raised somewhat religiously and have never participated in the PUA culture/style of dating.

I'm joining the forum now because soon I plan on searching for a woman suitable to marry and have a family with, even though I know that it's becoming increasingly more difficult to find one who hasn't been corrupted by our modern society, and I'll probably need some advice and wisdom from those here with experience.

Over time, I hope to be able to contribute something useful to this community as well.

Glad to finally be a part of the forum!