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Hi everyone, been at least a 5+ year reader of ROK articles, Roosh V forums and enjoy all of Roosh’s videos that I’ve watched on YouTube. Excited to finally get signed up to hopefully contribute to the great conversations on various topics.
Trudatness here. Some of you might have seen me post on TRP and other places probably most of you have not or don't remember. Been in some light email communications with Roosh over the years.

Attended a dinner and talk with him last year. I find him to be honest forthcoming and not at all the fake black-pilled nihilist type that thinks shitting on others makes them alpha. Unless Roosh thinks you're full of BS, if you're cool to him he takes the time to maintain a dialogue about pertinent ideas and I respect him for that.

I've enjoyed his writings about culture and politics, but never really tripped out into his Game material that much. I wasn't opposed to it at the time or even critical about it. I never really had much difficulty bedding women over the years, so I wasn't seeking guidance on that issue. What I did discover was a preoccupation with increasing my notch count led to unwanted results over the course of my life and that was a lesson that could have been learned earlier in life for me definitely. Red pill theory and methods do work in determining relationships with women, but these skills need to be applied appropriately.

I'm not as hard-line as Roosh is about premarital sex - as I believe sex is a large part of male fulfillment, but I definitely understand where he's coming from, respect his devotion to the Word and his new found discipline in adherence.

I should have joined this community earlier, but I guess it's better late than never. Hopefully I can contribute by posting some useful insights that add the content here.
Hi Guys,

Been meaning to post on here, and here I am.

I love roosh's content. First heard about him in the return of kings days, but didn't get into it too much. Been following more closely the last 2-3 years now. I met Roosh in Boston actually on his tour.

Roosh is one of the main reasons I came back to Christianity, and ultimately Orthodoxy recently.

Not sure what else to type without being too descriptive. I'm tall, in my mid 20s, and have had my fair share of women in my past (though I'm not proud of now). I hope I can bring good thoughts/ vibes to this forum and connect with like minded men.


Like many new members, I have been a long time reader of Roosh's written and video content. I found Roosh's previous 'Game' content to be entertaining but never could get into running game on tons of girls myself; I long thought it was immoral, and the girls it attracted to be fallen. Later I moved to Eastern Europe for two years in my mid 20s thinking it would bring more happiness than home-base in the USA (and a better quality girlfriend) but I was wrong. You cannot run away from your problems and inner-turmoil. Roosh's recent Christian awakening has inspired me to learn more about the faith and purchase my first Bible to read. Hopefully I can contribute to the forum in a positive way.
Got attracted to some of the higher level stuff Roosh and the team talk about and found a lot of wisdom lurking the old forum. Tried to register but they had the 1st of the month deadline, could never remember to but now here I am. Raised a Protestant.
Hi fellas,

Been following Roosh’s work for a number of years, first on Return of Kings and later on Youtube, and I have come to consider him and the communities that surrounded those enterprises some of the most important formative influences of my late adolescence/young adulthood. I never had any great interest in the game/PUA stuff, but the social commentary, observations about gender relations, culture war content, &c were like crack cocaine to a young man just beginning to wake up from the numb, shambling haze of anger, hedonism, and self-entitlement in which he had spent essentially his entire life.

Much like our fine host, I have, over the past year, experienced so colossal a string of failures as to land me back (metaphorically speaking at least) in my parents' basement. I recently underwent a great awakening of religious sense and conviction (I am Catholic) and I hope to rebuild my life along the lines of my faith and the will of God. Roosh has been an enormous inspiration to me, and I look forward to engaging with the forum in the hope that I shall find it edifying and that it, in some small way, will find my presence beneficial.
Enjoyed the Babylon Road series. I started following after the podcast from Ursa Manor. I backtracked to watch the podcasts up to that point and followed the podcasts through the end of the road trip. Though life is fairly good now, the podcasts by Roosh and others have helped me to reflect on my past and see how I could've taken better paths.
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Howdy Roosh et al.,

I am a 24 year old Orthodox inquirer in California. I grew up mostly atheist to boomer parents which has been pretty nasty, to say the least. Essentially my whole family, primary and extended, is sick with TDS to varying degrees. After the election of Trump in 2016 my redpilling began with Jordan Peterson, who pulled me away from the Left Hand Path. I was already something like a year into a fallout with my friend group at the time, eventually becoming completely isolated and having stayed that way for the last four years, much like Mr. Benfranklin7. Hikikomori, with a few months of exceptions. Before Corona hit, I had started attending the only Orthodox church in my area, a very liberal one under OCA.

Fortunately, I suppose, I never followed Roosh's work before his transformation, though I have had my own struggles fornicating with women, before 2016. I'm grateful that God has brought us together, Roosh, and I hope to feel the same of this community. I sympathize with your new convert zeal. I hope there is potential here to induce at least a small Orthodox cultural movement throughout the entire Anglo-sphere. Let's build men who are worthy of leading women to Christ. That is how we fight the Globohomo, the Feminists, the pornographers - let's not forget the secular and libertarian right, redpill sexuality - internal cultural rot. If we can manage that, then big external issues like China and Islam will be much less threatening.
What's up guys! I've been watching Roosh for about a year. His journey to get closer with God has inspired me to get closer to God as well. Hopefully I will learn and share some great knowledge in this awesome community.


Hi folks! New member here

I am a 25 year old guy from Spain. I have been a Roosh "fan" since the last times of Return of Kings, following his evolution , which I would say is in some way similar to mine. I really enjoyed Babylon Road videos, and despite of the fact that i was in the US last summer i couldn´t attend any of the events.

I´ve never been a fornicator, but I had some bad times dealing with lust. Fortunately, those times are gone and I am in the good way right now. My dad´s death made me realise of many things and being conscious about how empty was my life in many aspects.

I hope to share good moments with the forum members, especially considering the surreal situation we are living right now worldwide.

Have a good day!
Greetings!.. I'll just post what I put in my "About You:" account section.
Happy to be here. Many thanks.. Roosh already helped me locate a local Orthodox Christian church after failing to find one open during carunka season.

I have a protestant background. Having spent some years in the pig pen, some years in the blue-pill cringe-cage, I started waking up only a couple years ago around 2018.
I didn't fully commit my mind to Christ until about one year ago, in the spring of 2019.
At the time of writing, it's the spring of 2020.

I'm married to a staunchly anti-Orthodox protestant woman who spent a solid decade in the pig pen as it were. We have young boys.

I now recognize the spiritual battle more realistically, and I have a better idea of what's at stake. I am seeking the will of the Most Holy Trinity. I am learning what it means to put on the full armor of God. Pray for me.

I use this pseudonym online for opsec purposes, having some technical understanding of how the internet works.
Somewhat unconventional user but I promise I’m not a troll. I sort of stumbled upon RoK by accident and was initially outraged, but also kind of perversely fascinated so I continued to peruse the quagmire of ‘game’ preachers - but it wasn’t all bad, there were some gems and past the godlessness and promiscuity I discerned a certain value in what was being said. I joined this form pretty much out of that same curiosity, though I’m a lot more optimistic about this considering the plot twist from serial womanising to devout Christianity this community has taken. I’m not sure how much value, other than being exposed to viewpoints that are contrary to the ones I’m generally surrounded by, I will actually derive from being here, but if curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought it back to life.
I've made about noise here as a fart on a windy day; might as well toss my hat in.
I'm just a man on a path hoping to find his way home. The home we all come from.
I always found God to be a self evident truth if you had the wisdom to stop looking for measurable proof. Experience is the only real proof in my opinion, because all measurements are subject to skepticism by anyone not taking them.
Maybe that's why I've taken the path I took. I'm a few years from 40 now but spent most of my teens being... an orbiter of women, but never a courter of them. It was a path I have to say was not fun to be on in a lot of the time.
I searched for... 'help' from PUAs for my inability to connect with women on a sexual level but seemingly a natural skill to do so on every other one. I was a frustrated virgin. I stayed that way until I was 22; when I met my first adult girlfriend. I say adult, because it was the first sexual relationship to involve physical coupling. I found until it became physical a relationship with a woman was never taken as seriously by her as it was by me. Then when that boundary was crossed the opposite happened where she took it more seriously.
I'm not promoting casual sex. Not even sure about pre-marital either; because while I've only done that with two women each was equally disaster in the end and that was one of only a handful of common threads between them and they were 8 years apart.

After spending countless hours absorbing the works of some of the biggest names in PUA I found myself facing a conflict. Something about it felt dishonest, but as I sought different sources for material I saw some of these men go through a journey themselves. I saw it become less about 'game' and more about 'self improvement' so you weren't faking qualities, but you were building them within yourself. Ironically, I still had ZERO success with 'game' because I kept working on the 'inner game' stuff and trying to better myself. I had a few ... unexpected bumps early in my road, and it took me off course for awhile. I buried some hurts and when they became unearthed I had some REAL inner work to do. I've spent most of my 'young man' years doing that work and while part of me regrets it...
Part of me doesn't. That quiet reserved part that sat back while a bunch of younger men knocked women up, got STDs, got heartbroken, and began to truly hate women all around me were trying to teach me that I was the wrong doing it wrong.

Sure guys, whatever you say.
But I have to admit while I still go through self doubt I realize it's just part of life. There's no 'arrival' at a perfect self, there's only a constantly improving standard. We will never be perfect, someone already did that, and it wasn't meant to be duplicated, but only at best imitated.
We will never be God. I accept that now.
But I am not happy with who I am, so I'm glad I am here. I am glad I can humble myself around others who might not be exactly like me, but perhaps on some deeper level know what I'm going through. I'm talking about the conflict of the .... I wrote a piece once called "The Spirit and the animal" which I think is a fitting label for what I'm talking about.
This is what I have come to define being a man to be.
I'm probably not 100% right, I'm most certainly wrong in more ways than one--but I like that I have the rest of my life to learn what some of them are and deal with it; however long or short that might be.

Christ be with the forum; and help all of us who dare to journey here to find You.


Hey guys, I've been following more of Roosh in recent times, and especially since he's been writing and speaking more about spirituality and Christianity.

II was heavily involved in the PUA scene but got disgruntled with it quite soon.

Sex had become meaningless, and I had grown disgusted of all the manipulation I was using to sleep with 100's of women not to mention to get rid of them afterwards.

I traveled to East Europe to meet higher quality women. I have found a trad EE Orthodox Christian girl with whom I now intend to build a family. I will also officially convert to Orthodox Christianity (my family's faith is Catholic).

Glad to be here, and thanks for having me!
Hi, I've been following roosh since just before his conversion where he found out about the and debated the robotics woman who is half Swedish.. watched the very timely Babylon road series ,one of the best things on you tube last year. Looking forward to interactions on here.
Can't help but wonder how many folks here I've heard asking questions or guest speaking on some of the David D audio. There was one point I forgot to make in my intro which was as I sought material from multiple sources and eventually sources for those sources I realized two things:
-fundamental truths are common among all schools of thought, regardless if those schools ever intersect
-God is the one fundamental truth I always came to, even when I wholeheartedly tried on the frame of Atheism (which is actually a religion)
Would have added this but too late to edit my post.
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