New member introduction thread

Greetings gentlemen, after lurking around for a while I've decided to join. I hope to contribute to the forum the same way everyone here did and continuing to improve myself.
I've been a big fan of Roosh and his work since he converted to Christianity. Been lurking here for some time and wanted to give it a try. Seems like a good group to be affiliated with and useful for the days ahead. Never lose hope. Christ is risen.
Recovering hedonist degenerate saved by the grace of God. For some reason or another God has blessed me with a wonderful wife, two beautiful children and one more due in July as well as a budding homestead. I have spent the last several years researching the nature of our world, and the ultimate truth that is Jesus Christ. Hope I have something to contribute here.
My first exposure to Roosh occurred maybe a year ago, after the YouTube algorithms decided to bless me with a rather annoying video of an over confident women reviewing Lady. I thought nothing of it, until the names Mystery and RooshV were brought up in conversation with a close friend, whom elaborated on their previous works. Since then, I have been an active lurker of his twitter and the associated content, taking special interest in his cross country extravaganza and his overall warrior monk metamorphosis.

Three events in the last year have led me to this point today:
1. Graduation from university with STEM degree, and the utter spit in the face that is modern employment with a woke or broke company
2. Traveled outside of the USA for first time (Iceland, Germany, Netherlands, UK, France)
3. The current societal upheaval has revealed to me 80% of my friends, are not my friends, and never were

Additionally, I may be asking questions/reading the Orthodox threads as I slowly make my way through the Orthodox Study Bible I recently procured.


Hi all,

I've been following Roosh and lurking on the forums for several years - since my early 20s; I'm now in my late 20s. I like the new tenor of the forums, because it mirrors some changes I've been making in my life. Looking forward to getting to know you guys better
Hi everyone, I type too much.

Mom had three divorces. Feminism and malignant narcissism mixed in with old fashioned Texas Christianity made for some offkilter social development. I had almost no social contact outside of family from ages 3-9, for various reasons.
This wasn't helped by mom's lapse in Christianity after the third divorce, and 2008 destroying her business. If she hadn't encouraged me to read early I would have been rioting on the streets last weekend.

Needless to say, I was an edgy atheist democrat for my teenage years, and hung out around 4chan a lot in lieu of social contact. Found PUA, read Roosh's stuff, and joined the military to gain stability.
But, as I led my life I found a lack of organization and perspective. I had a bit more social contact, but most nights after work I would simply watch things then sleep. Read more books to fill the holes, but the hole is too big. Roosh converted, and my edgy self thought he must have gone crazy, and I stopped paying attention to the red pill world for a while.
Around the same time as I grew completely disaffected with the left (2016ish), I fell into a period of long self-realization. After separating from the military, I fell into existential crisis mode for like three years and absorbed a good chunk of YouTube (while breezing through college). I watched basically everything Dr Peterson put out and started picking up the pieces of my life.

Looking back, I realized that I didn't know how to make friends, and I never opened my heart to others because of it. I stopped lying to myself, and made an effort to truly connect with others. By doing so I met a girl whose soul matched mine stupidly well and we fell together.

I, like too many fatherless children, had no respect for the minds of those before me or around me. I was the center of the world I was living in, and I was not nearly worthy of that. Realization of this drove me crazy, and if I hadn't found a beautiful and extremely patient woman I think I would have joined the suicide epidemic of the last few years.

I watched current events like a hawk, read all sorts of old and new things, my plans tangling themselves in knots. We want kids, but I couldn't face my own bad habits, and the contradictions distracted me from my purpose.
The Covid lockdowns finally drove me to despair, until on April 28th I finally accepted God. Another two weeks of turmoil, and then it all clicked into place.

And what a beautiful transformation has come over me.

Every disparate action in my life has been leading to the present, and I have been incredibly blessed, by nurture, heritage, and pure good fortune. My last month has been filled with revelations that make me glad I lived to see today.

Now I read the bible every day and am loving this new brain I seem to have. My girl always knew, and helped me work through all this. (Not without a lot of tension, as I've discovered I want to preach. Many tense discussions ensued.)

Then I found your Twitter again and now I'm here. I want to learn more about my faith. I look forward to catching up on all I've missed.

Preach the word y'all, that thing is powerful once you get it.
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Hello Guys,

nice to meet you! I am from Germany and working as IT specialist. Forgive me if I do grammatical mistakes.
I joined this forum because I want to get in touch with you! With people that are not perfect but still kept a clear mind of how the world works and what goes really on. Sometimes when I watch TV I have the feeling that all people are stupid and lost their minds. So you are my daily dose of common sense in order to don't get crazy.
Like the previous speaker I have no close friends. But I figured out that social contacts stress me really much. Only when spent time with my girlfriend or family I feel comfortable. But actually I want to change that. So at the moment I am really focused on my family and my belief. I am under 30 years old. And I love Martial Arts and practice kickboxing.

Hope you let me join this elitist circle :squintlol:
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I was a lurker on the board for about a month, before joining. I find the Roosh board a bit of a refuge, from the liberal insanity on Twitter. I bought Roosh's Game and enjoyed it. Roosh has always been entertaining and I have followed him as he made his transition into Orthodoxy. I have also become a Christian over the last couple of years. Right now, I am still processing my feelings over the "Roosh/Owen" interview - from yesterday. Lol.
I just listened to your podcast with my boy, Owen Benjamin. I have been following you, Roosh, since the Mystery Method-David Deida / your books and articles (BANG) / PUA-was new and marketable.

I was a socially anxious teenage boy in those days, those early early days. I was thoughtful, quiet, and had 0% self confidence. I dropped out of High School in 1997 as a junior. I had a lot of problems at home and just needed a big brother or a counselor to talk to about teen angst.

Instead, I was introduced to big pharma. SSRIs, Xanax, Adderall, I am now 40 years old and still taking this stuff because it's very hard to let go to 20 years of poison. I want to taper off, but I haven't yet.

I'm married, I have 2 God daughters and helping them become virtuous women is why I am here, primarily.

Nice to meet you all,

Chad A. Maples


I'm an older businessman and executive with a family. Previously, I hadn't paid too much attention to Roosh, (no offense) but since he's converted and refining his writing, my interest is piqued.

Not sure what I'm looking to get here. My wife and I now feel it's impossible to find people who share our values IRL, but I'm not sure about meeting allies over the internet. So, we'll see where this goes.

Interests include business, investing, politics, reading, writing, gardening, fitness. Also, parenting. Zero time for bullshit, so mostly looking to connect with higher value, intelligent men with a backbone.

I also like butterflies.
Hello Everyone,

Greetings from India.

Let me give a brief introduction about myself and my story:

I was a regular on Twitter and used a follow a lot of political commentary (both in India and in the west) and this was at a stage where I was debating a discussing a lot of things related to the current political climate.

Then around 2018, I came across a twitter handle called "Illimitable Man" and that was actually my first introduction to the red pill.

A lot of the concepts which were talked and discussed about in that twitter handle were quite fascinating and soon after, I cam across another Twitter handle which goes by the name of "Rational Male" by Rollo Tomassi.

That was my first experience of the fem-centric reality of the world which we are living in and the socio-cultural dynamics involved.

Then, I came across another manosphere site called "Chateau Heartiste" which beautifully fleshed out the concepts of Game and Red Pill in a very lucid and easy understandable form.

And from there I came across another manosphere site called "Return Of Kings" and Roosh who also had unique insights into the current problems plaguing our society and culture.

And let me tell you that the problems which the western world is facing, they are slowly but surely also getting imported to places like India, especially in the big cities where trends like feminism are gaining more and more traction.

I was also following Roosh's journey from being a PUA to now following God and I have nothing but admiration. Roosh's articles and books (especially Game) have helped me greatly.

I am currently in my early thirties and currently married.

Looking forward to contributing in here.

Kind Regards.

Timothy Crow

Hello, glad to be here. Hope I am not too much out of place, I am a bit older, 53 in fact but I hope that has just made me wiser. I was born and raised in an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church where my uncle was the assistant pastor. Yeah, the hard core stuff. I look forward to being a productive member.

Long-time Roosh fan here. We met in Berlin at your first lecture five years ago, which was great hanging out with you and the rest of the group afterwards. I was mostly a lurker on the old forum, and am not big on forums frankly, but have received enough good from Roosh's work, I hope to somehow contribute something back here while still shackled to my corporate slave job. I am a catholic American living in Switzerland with a fairly similar demographic and life experience of Roosh.
How’s Switzerland right now?


I don't know if this is the right thread for this conversation, but since you asked, I'm awfully glad to be here during the craziest year ever of our lifetimes, despite not really liking my work here, and us being right next door to one of the global epicenters of the covid crisis.
When all that started in March, my instinct was that the Swiss are much too orderly to panic, and while we had plenty of virus restrictions, to my mind they were much more reasonably implemented than anywhere else in the western world except maybe rural US.
Regarding BLM, I heard there was a pretty sizable protest in Zurich last week, but nothing like what we saw elsewhere in Europe yesterday.
Where I'm at, the protest was basically a joke, despite there being antifa stickers on nearly every street-corner.

Anyway, its an amazing country for the outdoors, so I definitely recommend visiting, though it looks like it might still be a little while before the Swiss reopen their border for American tourists.
My takeaway here is come for the mountains, go elsewhere in Europe for the cities.
Its crazy expensive here; money permeates every aspect of life and its been a real challenge for me to break out of the expat social bubble of fellow expats who just moved here for their work.
If you have an interest in crypto currencies, Zug is one of the major hubs in Europe for development, and I keep hoping to get more time to pursue that while I am here.
Hi there. My English name is Andrew, I am from St. Petersburg, Russia, going to get back to China for a couple of years. I am a practicing Buddhist of Northern lineage with initiation into some other non-buddhist traditions.


. All I had to do was talk with girls and they would offer their number to me. Anyway 20 years later, I'm married with a kid. In middle age, I'm wanting to advance in my career and gain more financial independence. My goal is to be able to work part-time in my 50's as a high-paid consultant in tech. About my religion, I have bee
Hallo! Been following Roosh since his PUA days. I'm a traditionalist Catholic, with a profound love for Orthodoxy. I am unfortunately divorced, and my ex has separated me from my children through parental alienation. I studied PUA to try to make sense of my divorce, and I believe I'm thoroughly redpilled. Looking forward to having discussions with other Christian men.
Keep up the good fight, sorry to hear about your children.