New music genre - NewRetroWave

Just found out about this thread. I'd rather call this genre "Synthwave" since "New Retro Wave" is the name of a company promoting "Synthwave". I've been interested in it since around 2013. There's some good stuff being put out nowadays, but it seems the scene was most active / interesting / fun between 2014 / 2016.

A few recent favorites :



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These videos and this music makes me painfully nostalgic for the 80s

Half in light and half in dark
Is where we start
Half in light and half in dark
Is where we are


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This is a great album. In what other music genre do you have whole albums dedicated to motorsport. In the 80's speed, power and cars were cool. It's shocking in what short time we've went from pushing the envelope with 1000 bhp monsters to gay eco nonsense.