NEW RULES: Casual sex and hooking up can no longer be discussed on the forum

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I've been lurking here for years and learned many valuable things from the people who post here. This new direction is great. Following along Roosh's taking of the Godpill has been the best part, here on the forum, Twitter and the podcasts.


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Roosh, much respect for following through with your convictions. I'm a older dude who started going through something similar around 4 years ago. It took me more time to go "all in" with my beliefs like you're doing right now. I think many people won't understand what you are doing because they haven't gone through what you are going through right now.

It's like a war going on within up until you fully commit and then you feel more at peace. I'll definitely continue to support your business when I can. In fact, I am looking forward to the new direction and what new books may come out of it.


You can take the measure of a man when he is willing to risk everything for what he believes is right.

Roosh is risking his very livelihood by making this change. And he's not doing it because he thinks he'll get richer. He's doing it because he has come to believe there is something greater than himself (God) and that his actions in the face of God have been wrong.

He seems to be willing to lose everything to atone for that, and bring himself closer to God, while facing the ire of people once friendly to him.

I do not know who here voicing opposition to this change would be as ready take such a risk.

Roosh, you have my respect.


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eradicator said:
Are we still going to be able say “would bang” ?

It’s your forum, as another atheist, I don’t really get it either but you have to do what’s right for you, Roosh

WM is the new WB
(Would Marry)

While it isn’t quite my place to defame Solomon...


He had 300 some wives and 600 some mistresses.

That’s thousands of heirs to the throne. Thousands. Legitimate and not so much. With each Mother following her natural instincts to thrust her loin-fruit to the top.

There was such a clusterfuck concerning succession that the LORD gave Israel to Ephraim, which led to the sundering of brotherhood.

Further still, Solomon was seduced by the Gods of his wives. Star of David? Patent bullshit. The Seal of Saturn.

Solomon’s Wisdom brought the kingdom of Israel greatness that has changed every facet of the globe.

His insatiable appetites built the foundation of our current Satanic Clown World.


It’s natural to change as you get older. For example I am married with kids now, and no longer chase women as I did in my younger days.

There is still a lot of good information on this forum that can be applied to married life. If you get right down to it, it’s about behaviour and interaction.

A lot of men don’t know how to be men. They’ve grown up in single mother homes and raised by the leftist education system. It took me several disastrous relationships, and my entire youth to figure this out. There were no forums like this in those days. I was already in my early 30’s when it all clicked for me.

The constant in all my relationship failures was me trying to please my woman, give her what she said she wanted, and the goalposts always moving regardless of what I did. It took me about 15 years to finally clue in and more or less say “fuck all that”.

So this forum can get you to that place without the wasted years of trial and error. There is a lot of good that can be extracted from this database of knowledge.

I can’t help but think this is all a hoax and somehow related to the upcoming tour though.
So no more spinning plates..:-/

What's the ruling on polygamy though?

75% of the Bible (the Old Testament) actively encourages it, and the remaining 25% doesn't actually speak out against it.

So I'm assuming it's kosher?


Hypno said:
Was Solomon, who had 600 wives, a fornicator?

I would like to hear Roosh' policy on this. Managing a patriarchal household containing multiple wives is not "spinning plates" according to the Bible and most of the worlds great faiths, but in Orthodox Christianity it is. I saw Roosh post just now as I was about to open a thread on that very topic. Now I'll wait to hear his position before doing that.


I thought this was an April 1st post, but maybe not.

My main contention is this: How can someone get the skills to maintain life-long relationships (allowed) without learning the skills to attract and maintain casual plates (not allowed)? One skill sharpens the other, and we cannot expect younger men to act like blue-pilled Christians waiting for their chaste bride while American culture promotes the opposite in women. Dalrock's blog has much to say on the subject.

As someone who mostly lurks on the forums, these changes won't affect me, but I'll be disappointed if existing threads are deleted.


I must say I did not see this coming. Not sure how it will effect the forum, but quite a few of this forums core contributors are far past the player stage at this point and searching for a new stage and season in life.

This will undoubtedly cause people to leave, but I feel it will attract higher quality men - especially those who are married and are happy with their marriages. We need to see more of that so that men here can see that a good marriage is possible, even in these times of infidelity, degeneracy, and cultural hostility and malice toward the nuclear family.

This does take balls Roosh. You keep on proving that you have them, regardless of what the costs may be. I dont want to say that I'm proud of you because it sounds condescending and conceited, but I'm glad to see you have been able to find the next season in your life.

Me and my wife will most likely see you in Chicago for your stop there this summer.


BlastbeatCasanova said:
Maybe there is a way to meet in the middle instead of deleting threads and banning certain topics

I've felt that he's already been on the fence for years. I was either expecting something like this or for him to hand the reigns over to an heir-apparent and quietly disengage.

The thing with internet communities is they are fluid and adaptable. If people want to congregate and have the classic manosphere experience, they will find an alternate place to do so. Old habits die hard but nobody's going to stick around for long if they have to nudge/cajole/plead with the moderator.


My point about Solomon is he had multiple wives and THAT wasn't seen as sinful. You had to bring in his wives religion, greed, lust etc to impugn him.

So even in the Bible fornication was defined with moral relativism. It's a problem if the woman is your neighbors wife. But if you make her your 300th wife it's not adultery and your heirs will be announced. How does that make any sense?


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I have respect for you, Roosh, because of your journey from your early beginnings with Game, to the Red Pill, and then eventually now to the God Pill. I find it to be an admirable and very interesting story. However, I feel you have taken it way too far, and like others, I am also highly skeptical of your true intentions here, as it is difficult to believe you can make this decision and not understand the extreme negative ramifications it will have. Some have praised you for staying true to your newfound convictions... but I must do the opposite, and condemn this sham of a decision in the strongest possible terms.

On it's face, I get it: The forum bears your name and thus you want it aligned with your values. You've earned the right to do it, too... it is yours, after all. We are all simply guests that found a space where men could be men, in a world where that sort of freedom is increasingly under assault. And now, RVF is just the latest place where men will be denied the freedom and opportunity to be men. I never thought I'd see the day where RVF of all places would turn into a modern corporate office, where we have to watch and be careful about what we say in case H.R. is listening or watching nearby, out of fear being reported. Or have to speak entirely in a corporate-approved code in case the blue-haired feminist in the cubicle across the aisle wants to get us fired.

Only difference now is that instead of the blue-haired feminist, now we have to be careful about the bearded Christian man.

Turning RVF into a politically correct Christian safe space, will only hurt, alienate, and drive men away.
loremipsum said:
Looks like this thread has caught the interest of media retards like Bernstein.


Roosh, see, don't do this. I understand that after listening to a great man like E Michael Jones, you're ready to jump down that spiritual path. But take it from me, who grew up along the spiritual path: don't become like those who wish to shackle others to their line of faith. I plea that you instead make a subforum to discuss marriage and so. We can all make some new forum, but there's a certain culture here that has to stay. Think about it, if you suddenly implement those rules, then you have a lot of lost men, including future ones, who will have nowhere to go. It's better to at least give them a comfortable home and then convert hopefully by their choice than to leave them out in the cold.

Don't turn this forum into a religious board. You'll lose a lot of people as the months go. Or maybe that's what you want. Every man has his choice in life to make. You can give them that choice, but don't force it on them. Being spiritual is entirely a personal thing. It's something you do alone. You can encourage others, but you should never force it upon them. I'm not anyone special but I hope that you talk with others first to get opinions. I use to make heavyhanded decisions, but all the best ones have been after I talked with others, got their inputs, and reconsidered what is usually an emotional burst action.


Roosh, I totally understand where you are coming from, and by doing this you proved once again why you are probably the only manosphere personality that is completely honest (or at least striving to be), unlike most of the others that are mostly driven by money and fame.

With all due respect, please reconsider totally banning talk about pre-martial sex. As others have pointed out, having no sexual experience basically guarantees being a beta, unfortunately.

Also, based on my understanding, although pre-martial sex is not a good thing, it doesnt seem to be explicitly a sin. In Bible all the sexual sins are stated clearly and very in detail, pre-martial sex is nowhere mentioned. While not a good thing, it doesnt seem to be a direct sin, as most of the churches claim.

I know you dont like changing your decisions, but please reconsider lightening up a bit the new rules. I know for myself, if I havent came across your work and this forum I would probably right now be married to a single mom ten years older than me.
Covfefe said:
I thought this was an April 1st post, but maybe not.

My main contention is this: How can someone get the skills to maintain life-long relationships (allowed) without learning the skills to attract and maintain casual plates (not allowed)? One skill sharpens the other, and we cannot expect younger men to act like blue-pilled Christians waiting for their chaste bride while American culture promotes the opposite in women. Dalrock's blog has much to say on the subject.

As someone who mostly lurks on the forums, these changes won't affect me, but I'll be disappointed if existing threads are deleted.
To add to this, back in the day, it use to be common in surburban america culture to wing your son through relationships by actively mixing him up with girls at family neighborhood mixers. It grows social bonds and let girls and boys deal out their relationship dynamics. Heck, that was the whole point of school dances.

A guy who doesn't know how to deal with women outside of marriage is going to be a cuck in marriage, pure and simple.


Whoaaa. Back when I first signed up here, I remember thinking, "wow, this place is cool, but it would be awesome if a guy with Roosh's mindset and approach to game could start a similar forum but without all the mega debauchery."

Never in a million years would I have guessed that guy would be Roosh himself.

I support the decision though. I think the only real way to successfully implement this is to start from scratch with a different forum. Besides that, things are gonna get reallllll interesting around here once June rolls around.

Side note: Fornicate has gotta be the cringiest word ever.
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