New Zealand Covid lockdowns...


Other Christian
This is crazy, she should be fearful of them, not the other way around. You have tyranny when the people fear their government and so-called elected leaders.

No offense to any Kiwis on this forum and I’m sure there are many who detest this odious cretin, but it’s hard to have sympathy for people fleeing instead of staying, fighting, and taking their country back.

AUS/NZ were two of my favorite places before Covid, but I’ve been shocked at the totalitarian restrictions by the respective governments and the people obediently putting up with them.
Imagine if 90% of your relatives and neighbors also support such totalitarianism. Also, what if you already wrote to these politicians and begged them to overturn restrictions and you were ignored and also what if you tried to convince people around you and they responded in anger and refused to even have a calm discussion?

In the end you would feel disgust towards them and feel that they deserve it and you wouldn't want to bother helping them. Why stay and fight for such people? There is also a sense of desperation that they need to leave the prison colony while they still can.

It is funny, NZ was a country that I thought would be great to live in after university. Tough immigration rules along with high costs of living quickly ended this thought and now I am thankful that they discourage all but the wealthiest or highest skilled Americans from moving there.