No point in working


*update* I guess as some of you felt I left you and this thread in the dark; yes, the investments are being sold, the move to live mortgage-free and debt free is not far off and the time to spend with my children, all the time, and BE the father they need is nearing.

Material wealth is such a fucking hassle it's unbelievable. The moment you step away from all of the junk and speak to God you are golden. I wish you all the best.

andy dufresne

Apologies for the odd topic post, but as I scroll past I keep mentally processing that username out of the corner of my eye as “No Fun in Anus”

LOL! I was going to post that many moons ago but well I didn't want to insult our Aussie brother.

And that version of the username does fit the general theme of this forum.


The general point is correct - our government and institutions in general are corrupt and hostile and provide strong disincentives to work and family. These disincentives need to be acknowledged and carefully planned for but I don't see why they should prevent someone from doing what they want - whether doing a certain type of work or having a family. If you simply take the path of least resistance, you will become the type of person that society has been set up to create - an isolated, consumerist blob.