Non-voter thread

godfather dust

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This is for people abstaining from voting. It is not to discourage voting (it's none of my business if you believe in voting.)

Here's why I'm not voting:
Besides Trump not fulfilling his promises (which I'm not going to complain about, no one else had any, and many have been red pilled, intentionally or not, which is a good thing. I don't believe a longer presidency will provide any more red pilling at this point however, if anything the opposite.)

This is the goofiest election ever.
I'm supposed to believe under Biden the nation will go up in flames.
The nation is already up in flames.
People are still being charged for self defense. The Trump DOJ is the worst of all time.
No one is saying anything encouraging about the coronavirus hoax, and I believe mask restrictions etc will remain and become tighter until the system collapses.
If food shortages start, the US will resemble post Stalin USSR.

If either candidate was offering something, I would vote, but in an oligarchy disguised as a democracy it is pointless.

This might sound like I'm miserable, but checking out of politics is liberating. I focus on things I can control now (if it is God's will) that actually put me in a better place. When the bad times come I hope to be reasonably prepared, but Christians have been persecuted throughout history, and if it's our time for these struggles, so be it.
I supported Ron Paul in '08 and '12. Trump is the first time I've bothered to vote for president in 20 years. I don't disagree with the points of the initial post, but he has gotten some things done despite the Republicans hating him as much as the Democrats.
I hate both parties, but it was pretty obvious Trump hi-jacked the Republican Party. I was unemployed for two years thanks to the economic stupidity of the smartest dumb-versity eva! (TM), so it was a joy to see the hag Martha Raddow cry and see (((Bill Kristol))) have to go home and sulk in his kosher wine.

Some good things Trump did:

1. Tax Cuts - I've seen the spreadsheet done by an accountant of before and after. Most people got more money back.
2. Pulled us out of the Paris Accords and put down AGW as the stupidity it has always been.
3. Kept us out of new wars more or less for now.
4. Spoke out against the military/industrial complex. The last president with a nice looking wife who did that got shot.
5. Inadvertently showed that the press and both parties are sacks of waste who work against the average American.
6. Mostly abolished Obummercare. Though I"m unhappy with him trying to 'replace it'. Get government out of healthcare already!
7. Kicked the CCP out of the port of LA. I'm sure (((Feinstein))) was unhappy about it.
8. Tried to get hospitals and drug companies to post prices - both shot down I believe by an Obummer judges. Changed it so some Americans could by the drugs they need from Canada and other countries. I'm sure big Pharma hates Trump for this one.
9. Has not openly tried to abolish the 2nd Amendment though I'm still suspect on his real thoughts, but he knows this is a big issue.
10. He did get some minorities to finally wake up a bit - Latinos for Trump, BREXIT.

That's my short list. I am disappointed he appoints people who are mostly opposed to his agenda. I don't understand why he did not kick out every damn Obummer appointee on day one. There is also of the instantaneous $2 trillion we now have.

This is as good as it's going to get before the country breaks up.