Nordic capitals: Eye contact 2021

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Finally summer has reached the Northern European capitals. Moreover, the pandemic is loosening its grip and one would suspect that people are starved for attention from the other sex. I have been out and about on the streets, malls etc to check out the situation and since I am a beginner I have focused strictly on maintaining eye contact with all girls passing by and not opening anyone at all.

Here is what I found: Eye contact succes rate is approx 5% (and I consider the entire spectrum from 0 to 10). So in 1 out of 20 girls she will look at me (sometimes a 4 sometimes an 8) - the remaining 19 never look up from their phone, look straight ahead or stay 100% focused on the person she is together with. I tried to compare with men in front of me and see if they, due to their (maybe better) appearance ,would have a better succes rate - but no.

A few notes on the phone situation in Northern Europe where money does not seem to be an issue: For the equivalent of 15 USD/EUR everyone can now have unlimited texting, unlimited data and unlimited talk. Girls are literally glued to their phone constantly (roughly 80-90%). The phone is not in the purse/bag anymore - it is glued to their hand (age 10 to 40 at least). Visually, about 25% (so far, i assume the percentage is still rising) have bought the white Apple Airpods. So now it is possible to see, from a distance of 50 meters, which product she owns. With the airpods you can listen to music while walking/biking, answer calls, pick up the phone, do a quick facetime while never removing the airpods - it is a seemless integration. The nice part is - it sends a clear message: Dont disturb me - dont approach me! Also when waiting for the bus/train etc - the phone is used as a powerful tool to send a clear message of "dont disturb" me. Maybe thats not the true message they want to convey, but is its so damn tempting with free data when you can stream a netflix episode, look for insta, clothing and purses while waiting for transportation.

It is hard enough to do approaches (cold and warm) but when you are conditioned and raised to respect people who are busy and dont interrupt until they are finished - then it becomes even harder. It becomes more and more clear that girls will not consider a "stranger", but only men who have become part of their closed group by doing some groundwork elsewhere maybe befriending some of the guys in her group first, so a proper "introduction" can take place.

And now the worst part: Lets say you manage to reel in such a girl and start a relationship - how will you deal with the fact that she is still glued to her phone?

How is the situation in other parts of the World and how do you deal with it (besides going for religious girls at churches)?


This is not a PUA forum. Did you read the rules? It doesn't look like you're seeking a wife with your focus on "success rate".
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