Normies and coronavirus


Although this form of intelligence gathering takes a toll on one's psyche, I find it useful from time to time to "go behind enemy lines" and see what kind of filth the deluded masses are consuming. It helps to understand their irrational mindset and how their ill-informed views are molded by the manipulators. This article entitled "35 Places You're Most Likely to Catch COVID" was a particularly depressing read.

It presents some sort of rating they came up with which describes the risk associated with various activities and presents the activities in increasing order of risk. It's nefarious and deliberate. Joyful celebrations, meaningful contact with others/normal socialization, fun outings with your family, and improving your health are the most dangerous activities with the highest threat being "hanging with a sick person." Yes, providing comfort to your imprisoned friend is the most dangerous thing one can possibly do. Hugging a friend has threat level 7 out of 10. In a shocking turn of events, going to church has threat level 9. Even hiking in a park has a "threat level" of 4, which helps to explain some of the bizarre behavior described in this thread.

One example of the preferred style of the manipulation can be seen with item # 17, Going Swimming (threat level 6). The authors note that there's no evidence of the killer virus spreading through water, but you better watch out because you could contract the killer virus on the pool deck. The technique is "make them think something's OK, and then pull the rug out from under them and dash their hopes." Shopping at a store (i.e. something you need to do to live) is assigned a threat level of 5.

The only reasonable conclusion that could be reached by someone reading this nonsense and taking it seriously is that they must curl up into a ball and cloister themselves immediately and indefinitely. Despite the fluffy language and cute stock photos, the only purpose of this form of "journalism" is to inspire mortal terror. It's obviously quite effective. It again brings me close to feeling compassion for those who are buying into the hysteria, but here we all are, so really the anguished masses only have themselves to blame.

Also don't be fooled into thinking this is some small market hipster operation. We should not be surprised to find that the chain of publishers for this outlet ultimately leads back to Hearst, one of the mega-conglomerates.