Normies and coronavirus


And note what actually triggers them is seeing a mouth. You can wear completely ridiculous masks and nobody cares if they can’t see your mouth.
And it's weird because you'd think seeing a mouth would be a good thing in order to recognize facial cues but I guess not. As somebody who is somewhat lacking in social skills, I'd like to see the other person's mouth while I am talking to them.

Sometimes I have to pull my mask down because I am not the loudest speaker and the mask tends to muffle my voice. People do indeed get so triggered whenever I do this.


My wife, a RN, told me she's sick of seeing all her friends on Facebook brag about getting their first or second covid shot and then complain about severe side effects. They're all getting headaches, nausea, other flu symptoms (lol) and the self awareness is just not there.

I really don't think most people are that ignorant yet. My hope here stems from the fact that you're not allowed to question the vaccines on social media so you're only seeing the useful idiots.


I have a new one for you guys: I stopped down at the local country store after hours last night to chat with my friend (the owner). He knows that the covid situation is complete BS, and does not wear as mask at his store. There are still quite a few locals who shop there with no mask, but the number keeps dwindling.

He told me of a woman who lives right down the road from me, who was chatting with him about covid. She said she warms her oven up to 150 degrees F when she gets home from work, and sticks her head into the oven and breathes deeply because she thinks the hot and dry air kills covid.

He is the type of guy with a very flat affect and a good poker face, he suggested to her that she could save time and money by just pointing a hair dryer at her face and breathing. She thanked him profusely for this great idea.

The clown just never fails to amaze me.
I saw someone on Facebook make a post about how their healthcare-working family member has tested positive for the third time, yet has no significant symptoms. Lots of supportive comments ensued. And while it's heartwarming to see people display some empathy, I think it illustrates a number of worrying trends amongst normies:

1) Very few people are questioning the PCR test and how it is being used. The late Kary Mullis, inventor of PCR, stated clearly that the test cannot tell you whether someone's sick. He also said that "with PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody." So with the PCR test, you can in theory 'manufacture' any sort of disease outbreak you like, because you can take a sample and amplify any molecule you choose. PCR, in Mullis' words is a "process that's used to make a whole lot of something, out of something." It's primarily a research tool, and should not be used for diagnosis.
2) Normies and midwits are besotted with science. They seem to envisage science and scientists as being near-infallible, even though there's a replication crisis. When Nature surveyed 1,576 scientists in 2016 "over 70% said they'd tried and failed to reproduce another group's experiments."
3) There is an increasing trend towards a sort of scientific authoritarianism. "Let's follow the science!" "What does the science say?" "That can't be right because government scientists said that [insert reguritated MSM headline]." Yet this violates the very foundations of science, because it's meant to be a discipline which advances by asking paradigm-busting questions and breaking away from the status quo - not by enabling echo chambers and allowing a stagnant consensus to form.

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Just going to the local supermarket can change my mood. I was looking through some food items in a cooler cabinet, taking my time, and a millennial couple just stood there 2 metres away, like pair of pathetic, obedient pooches. I carried on going through the items, looked up and still they're just standing there. I got more and more uncomfortable, then angry. I stood up, looked at them both and said, "well go on then, move past". I know I need to have a bit more tolerance, but these levels of compliance just irritate me badly now.


Not great weather today where I live but, even so, the town was deserted. Niche food shops/delicatessens, which could be open, haven't bothered, because they weren't taking sufficient money to make it worth their while, according to another trader. A branch of a large, nationwide, High Street company, which was open 3 weeks ago, has simply upped and gone- no closing down sale, nothing. At least the market was largely present, so I was able to get some free range eggs.
People from the UK have hit ATHs for moronity... I met this oh-so-educated English prick yesterday... whose repeated rejection of any logical de-bunking of the bullshit was "well, I just can't be having this conversation".

That's the whole Icke thing with censorship... if you can't win the conversation, let's not have it.

He even genuinely started going down the 'I care about my elderly relatives' road.


Needless to say he was the only guy in the room fully masked-up.

I discovered a good angle to attack zombies with though.

I told him to google 'NCBI fauchi spanish flu' and told him that whole story... ending with 'so if they KNOW bacterial pneumonia is the big threat, why are they telling you to carry a mask around in your pocket?... and if they REALLY cared about your health, why are they not hammering that you need to change your mask every 12 hours?'


The lies coming out from the BBC now are so brazen, that if things reach tipping point (and I think they're about too actually, just check the comments under any YT BBC corona news video) then these guys are DONE.

They won't have shred of credibility.


I see no one’s contributed to this thread in awhile but I find it the most appropriate place to express what is weighing on me. I don’t need any thumbs up, crosses, or responses to validate me and I don’t care if this post sinks into obscurity, but I feel that it needs to be said.

I had to take a break from reading about the killer virus. I don’t consume corporate news so most of what I read came from links in these threads and in the interest of my well-being I also avoided this forum despite the benefits I gain from frequenting it.

Some irrational part of me maintained optimism that the situation would improve, but the behavior I observe in those with whom I’m forced to share space on this planet is both disturbing and sad. What I observe is nothing less than mass psychosis. The illogical and inexplicable words and deeds of the manipulated masses make them appear as zombies or robots, under the spell of some drug, indoctrination, or both.

Perhaps most upsetting is the lack of any space for discussion or debate of the main points. There is only dogma to which you either adhere or are branded a murderer. Opposition and dissent are shouted down and brutally stifled.

It’s clear to me at this point that this is all headed somewhere and that this is not in any way organic. It’s all been engineered by powerful interests and while it’s possible that they merely took advantage of an advantageous situation, I’m more inclined to believe that it was engineered from the very beginning.

This will not fade away or fizzle out without some kind of definitive action – the enactment of some huge change or restriction and this mass vaccination is only the beginning. Biometric tracking, full surveillance, economic slavery, any number of similar outcomes. The entire thing is made up and therefore it can only end when those who created it decide to end it. No one would have known anything unusual was going on if they hadn’t been told repeatedly that it was. During the Black Death one could wake up to find that half their villagers had died the night before. The survivors couldn’t keep up with the burials such that dogs were ripping limbs out of the shallow, hastily dug graves. That’s what a real pandemic looks like. Those people didn’t need the news to tell them that a disease was ravaging them.

The best case scenario (which is still not very good) is that all of this was just a massive transfer of capital from government to the pharmaceutical industry and that a good chunk of that capital will work its way back during the next few election seasons. Under this scenario the “vaccine” is just a saline placebo.

The middle ground scenario is that this is all a test or a social engineering experiment. They’re finding out what needs to be done to turn the populous into desperate groveling slaves that will accept any solution offered to them. Perhaps in preparation for a scenario that’s already planned or that may be implemented at some point in the future whenever it’s deemed necessary.

And then of course the worst case scenario that the purpose of this is perpetual mass surveillance perhaps using biometric means or worse. This seems to be the result of every manufactured crisis, but the ability to look into your library records is obviously not enough for those who need complete control. Unfortunately this scenario seems more likely every day.

The resistance of the masses has been so thoroughly softened that they will accept any proposal that offers to free them from the tyranny of the killer virus. The logic and reason of the people has been completely broken down and every waking moment (and probably dreams as well) are governed by mortal terror. People in this state will eagerly accept whatever solution promises to deliver them their salvation regardless of who is harmed in the process.

No one seems to be “immune,” and I find it very amusing that people who present themselves as “punks” or “hippies” have so willingly leeched on to this agenda. I thought a hippy was supposed to open their mind, man and not accept the paradigm imposed by people playing power games. And punks, do I even need to explain how overwhelmingly hypocritical it is to swallow the official government line and demand that all others do the same? People who just a year ago were taking to social media to decry “Big Pharma” and “abuses of government power” are now using those same platforms to condemn the murderous non-believers and non-compliers.

Is this all it takes to convince people to ideologically sell out? A disease that kills a whopping less than 1% of its victims and even then mostly culls out the extremely unhealthy. Which is to say the exact same people who die in the tens of thousands every flu season. The merest suggestion that life is impermanent and death is inevitable? The best seasonal flu vaccines are something like 35% effective and no effective vaccine has ever been developed for any coronavirus yet we’re to believe that this hastily developed vaccine to a so-called novel virus will somehow be 100% effective?

A populous whose fears can be exploited so easily, on the flimsiest of premises, is extremely dangerous. As it stands at this moment, the deluded masses would commit genocide against any group they were instructed to if they were convinced that it would somehow curb the spread of the virus or would allow them to populate nightclubs and sports arenas as they did before. They would eagerly do so without the slightest consideration that it may be morally wrong. Any morality or values held by these individuals in the past have been eradicated and replaced by the central tenets of the Cult of Covid. The behavior I observe in fact can only be compared to that of cult members.

Ultimately this will come down to cult believers vs. non-believers. I’m psychologically preparing for any scenario because nothing is too extreme to be considered outside the realm of possibility. The brainwashed cultists cannot be trusted. You may identify them as your family members, friends, or colleagues, but the people you knew are gone. My choice has been to nod and smile and steer the conversation away while recognizing that their humanity has been robbed from them. What’s left is a shell masking a dangerous weapon that can be unleashed at a moment’s notice. It’s futile to argue or attempt to reason with someone in such a thoroughly debased state. Nothing can convince them that their beliefs are faulty and based on lies and manipulations. I hold out a slim hope that someday the lens of history will expose the folly for what it is and future generations will shake their heads and marvel at how the world was deluded so effortlessly, but I consider it unlikely that this will happen in my lifetime.

Please don’t mistake this for black pill rhetoric; I consider it the opposite. Strength comes from realizing the scope of the problem and what we’re really dealing with. This will allow us to consider the options that are available, to band together, to form a plan and to execute it. Dissent or resistance of any form give us some chance to overcome the unconscionable crime being perpetrated against our reason and our liberty. This forum provides me a lot of comfort along with the people in my life who refuse to play along and pretend the emperor is wearing clothes. I’m thankful for this community and for the people close to me who have retained their ability to exercise critical thought. Take this time to identify these people and have honest discussions with them. Support prominent voices that dare to jeopardize their careers and even their lives to speak the basic obvious truth. Don’t comply and don’t give up.

Thank you for allowing me to express my views and I hope someone can get something positive out of what I've written.


Ive noticed that woman have grown to love that "wash your hands with soap and water" guy that they play on the radio every hour. Hes got that dreamy 90s movie commercial voice. Woman have fantasized him in some sort of romance novel where he is on this big healthy horse, with long hair flowing in the wind , looks like flash gordon and hes just galloping and saying to wash your hands, and woman just lose it. Especially ones that work in retail and hear his voice all day, its like hes become their dream guy.


I really don't think most people are that ignorant yet. My hope here stems from the fact that you're not allowed to question the vaccines on social media so you're only seeing the useful idiots.
Update to this opinion - I was wrong. Most people are that ignorant. Many willingly so.

Ive noticed that woman have grown to love that "wash your hands with soap and water" guy that they play on the radio every hour. Hes got that dreamy 90s movie commercial voice. Woman have fantasized him in some sort of romance novel where he is on this big healthy horse, with long hair flowing in the wind , looks like flash gordon and hes just galloping and saying to wash your hands, and woman just lose it. Especially ones that work in retail and hear his voice all day, its like hes become their dream guy.
Hollywood has programmed women to love hand-rubbers.
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What corona-idea nonsense is this?

Hollyweird Celebrity: "If you want to get back to your favorite places and feel confident they have your health and safety first. Look for the Well Health Safety Seal."

"Look for the Well Health Safety Seal"​

"Look for the Well Health Safety Seal"​



A commenter posted this:
Robert Lossing
According to the CDC: Hypochondriasis or hypochondria is a condition in which a person is excessively and unduly worried about having a serious illness....
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