Normies and coronavirus


I cant stand going anywhere anymore for shopping. I just dont want to deal with the braindead help behind the counter. No one wants to work or be there. There is no hussle, at all. You look at them and see their movements being done so slow and tired, and its not even a hard job. They act like they been carrying bricks all day, actually the people that carry bricks all day look less tired and less slave looking.
In other words, they look like people who are bored out of their minds. You expect someone to be enthusiastic about such a shitty job?


It's the behavior of humans that have been (and more or less allowed themselves to be) completely dehumanized, but have no idea how and why it happened, other than that little nagging feeling in their sub-conscious telling them it's all a lie, which they have been conditioned to ignore and deny at all costs.
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