Normies and coronavirus


"God bless you and keep you from fear" as they pass by.

It will make you feel better, and it can't hurt them either.
It's been incredibly difficult to deal with people who are afraid; it's like their minds block all logic and common sense.

Even showing them evidence that the virus is not dangerous doesn't get to them to see reason.
In four U.S. state prisons, nearly 3,300 inmates test positive for coronavirus -- 96% without symptoms


I call them New-Normies. Fortunately in the diverse area I live in it would be racist to report activity too much. My more middle-class liberal friends and relatives though are impossible to talk to so I have been hanging out with strangers I met at protest more and more. I actually think I have been in close proximity to more strangers in the past month or two than any time in my life except when I was homeless and on Dead tour. I make sure to try and talk to the sign-flyers on the on-ramps to see if they are getting force-tested and thrown in vans or antything, then give them a good firm handshake and a fiver! All the homeless are in perfect health, I guess smoking butts of the sidewalk protects you from corona. THey are getting fore-head scanned but not force tested so far as I know. I did see one encounter with a flyer at the DD drive-thru that inclkuded masked cops (rare in itself) and then some EMTs that pulled-up and got out a duffel like maybe they were going to test him but I had to leave.
I've also been holding little prayer circles with the Boomers and older genx from the rallies, I make sure we hold hands for at least five minutes. I should have antibody protection by now, right?