Normies and the Russian-Ukraine war


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There is probably no demographic more easily incited to mindless, manufactured outrage than sports fans, football hooligans likely foremost among them.
As the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I learned to his dismay when the Nika riots erupted on January 13, 532 A.D. between rival fan clubs after
chariot races at the Hippodrome in Constantinople, which burned or destroyed nearly half the city. Even the magnificent Hagia Sophia church
was burned (it was later rebuilt).

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57% of likely voters strongly or somewhat support the US pursuing diplomatic negotiations as soon as possible to end the war in Ukraine, even if it requires Ukraine making compromises with Russia
And nearly half of the respondents (47%) said they only support the continuation of US military aid to Ukraine if the US is involved in ongoing diplomacy to end the war
I am fascinated by normies and their takes on things.
Like one normie friend thinks Alex Jones is going way too far with his "free speech" and he shouldn't be able to say the stuff he said.
Interesting. I'm often speechless when I hear their takes because they are bizarre and inconsistent.

Like what do they think about Russians passing anti-gay laws? Is it good because Democracy has spoken and Russians don't want anal marriage? Or is it bad because gayness and diversity is Our Values and we must force them on the Russian people?

You never know until you ask them. Normies are unpredictable.

So I always like hearing what the normie thinks, Jay Leno style.

But this thread is pretty frightening!! haha.


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The comments on this article are terrifying if they represent the average normie. However Yahoo is extremely censored, so it's hard to say what is going on.
The comments on Yahoo news in regard to Ukraine are very heavily censored. Just try it sometime. They don't let anything through which is not compliant with the company line. It'sastroturffed so ham-handedly that it's not a useful barometer of public opinion, normie or otherwise.