North Korea Conflict Thread


North Korea reporting that Kim opened a factory today.



New video footage of Kim Jong Un opening the factory yesterday.

You can see the date of 1st May 2020 printed on the green wall on the left of him at minute 0:31
(Most asian countries write dates in format year/month/day)



A major problem with North Korea isn't North Korea its people exploiting North Korea to enrich themselves or making stupid little memes or turning it into some big joke. A great example is DPRK News parody account on Twitter. Some smug stupid little shits who do it secretly hoping for a book or movie deal like every little fucker on Twitter. Or Michael Malice who went on one trip to Pyongyang (not even hard) to get his "I went to North Korea" merit badge write a mediocre book for clout then used that plus some standard rightwing boilerplate opinions to get in the redpill social club.

I know genuine empathy is in short supply these days but I'd just like for once for them to be seen as people, not zombie slaves, not people to be mocked or phony pitying but genuine empathy for the people their. They've had a very rough history, maybe since 1890 to present year. The forced opening to the world, the Japanese occupation, the Korean War, the massive air bombing which barely anyone knows about. The famine.