Nostalgia for the 80s and 90s

Thomas More

Syberpunk said:
RIslander said:
The Terminator. This in my opinion is the greatest film of the 80's. Original script, great casting, lack of CGI, classic 80's soundtrack and most of all the pacing of the film. Consider the fact it was done on a 6 million dollar budget; Terminator 2, while still a decent flick, doesn't hold a candle to the original and cost over 100 million.

Go to 46:50, Brad Fiedel talks about creators usually BSing with a supposed vision before showing a composer a film they will write music for, he talks about the first time watching the film with Cameron and it dawns on him "The vision is actually here, I can't believe it". I prefer the hard synths and hard boiled horror mood of the original too, the casting, the cops and everything else as well, infinitely rewatchable. My favourite film of all time.

I was about 21 at the time. I first heard of this movie from a Bible College student I knew, who was in some ways a rival of mine, and he hated it. He thought it was the most mindless ultra-violence. I saw it on cable a year or so later, and thought it was fantastic. It's one of my favorites of all time too. I was particularly taken with some of the dialogue that describes the relentlessness and perseverance of the terminator robot.

(As an aside, one of my other favorite movies and movie moments is Excalibur, and particularly the part where Perceval is searching for the Holy Grail. He's searching, and he finds all the other dead knights, and he's so filled with despair, but he perseveres, and finds the grail, and saves the kingdom in the end. I've always appreciated the concept of perseverance in the face of despair based on the movie Excalibur. I see it in the robot, even though he doesn't feel despair).

In this video, around 54:30, they start a segment where they play bits of the movie that describe the terminator's relentlessness, and juxtapose them with clips describing Cameron's passion and vision and drive to make the movie.

Cameron is a fucking globalist Hollywood shit. I don't give a shit about him. He can suck it. I've made a point never to see Titanic, and I thought Avatar sucked. However, the bits they play from the movie, talking about the relentlessness of the robot; the idea of a robotic mechanism having such an unstoppable drive... These bits of dialogue are what made the movie for me. This film really was a masterpiece that will stand through the ages.

Also, I suppose this is controversial, but I thought that as good as Terminator I was, Terminator II was actually even better. The old model Terminator robot has the relentless drive to save John Conner against a more advanced and powerful terminator, in a time where the cold war has seemingly ended, but somehow Judgement day is still coming, and the first Terminator's technology plays a paradoxical role? Perfect concept, brilliantly executed.

Liquid metal shape-shifting nano-tech robots were still pretty cutting edge back in the 90s. Even now, if you saw one, you'd know they don't have that technology yet...
If you want to see how badly our culture has deteriorated since the 1990s, all you need to do is look at Hillary's clothes in 1993 and then compare that to her clothing in 2016.



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