NYC is Dead Forever

Poor guy. Makes me glad to be a wagey, and glad not to live in NYC.
I kind of understand the flip side of this because there are so many low life business owners who sell stolen goods or launder money through their business. And when the street criminals have a market for resale, they have an incentive to steal more phones and laptops.

The solution was to not import scammers from the third world who are now scammers in NYC. Bringing people from the most corrupt countries in the world we simply inherited the exact same problems they have.
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Goodlooking girl. She's from St. Louis. Its no picnic there either.
From the sounds of it, the city has been declining rapidly during the COVID era. I last happened to be in the city for a brief visit in October of 2018 & it did not appear to be nearly this bad in Manhattan even with DiBlasio at the helm.

Goodlooking girl. She's from St. Louis. Its no picnic there either.
Tried to follow the link and watch the video. CBS website gave me this instead..

As CBS2’s Christina Fan reported, it was mayhem at one of the most recognizable places in the world.

The incident happened in front of the Minskoff Theatre at a time when the city is trying to convince tourists it is safe to come back. Police said two to four men got into a dispute of some kind, and at least one of them opened fire, hitting three innocent bystanders.

Police have released images of that person of interest.

Sources told CBS2’s Kiran Dhillon the shooter is known to the NYPD for illegal vending in the Times Square area. Sources added the shooter’s brother was the intended target. CBS2’s Hazel Sanchez reported the NYPD spoke to the brother, but it’s unclear what the beef was between them.

Another day in the Big Apple. 1970s indeed.


Back in 1990 in a NY subway:


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Curious what other Cities are as bad as NYC? Portland, Seattle and Chicago as well as DC come to mind:

Ironic, as New York is requiring vaccine passes as if it is still desirable to even go there.