NYC is Dead Forever

Come to power. Trash the Place.

Enjoy yourself in your gated super-rich neighborhood. How the Democrats roll. Bless themselves but curse those who they rule over.

Those people and their works are why God deems it necessary to wipe all the works of Mankind by Fire. Because the hideousness, corruption, ugliness and pollution necessitates deletion.

Before the 1000 year reign where God entirely makes Earth the Paradise planet that it was meant to be. Along with the rest of the Cosmos.


The police and any other conservative institution that props up these liberal utopias need to just resign and let them walk the walk. I’m so sick of watching my state and city leaders constantly excuse these criminals, all the while vilifying and atracking the police. By sticking around and still trying to maintain a civil society, these cops just bail out these politicians by not allowing the full results of their policies and rhetoric come to fruition. Let the liberal utopia face the reality of the policies they preach, rather than bailing them out in hopes they will see the light. The more police do their job, the more these liberals can just live in their delusions and keep voting for more leftism.
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The puzzle comes together when you realize the black and non-white political machine begins right when the Tammany Hall and union heydays ended (the 1960s).

The corruptions of old were pretty shameful too. Its just that today's are ten times more destructive.

I think the Dem party is on the pinnacle of supremacy- and then will fall apart fast and hard right after. Life is often poetic like that.