Obama on 60 minutes: "Let us not believe in wild conspiracy theories"


Just seen this interview given by Obama to the b... bastions of truth at the BBC, where he decries "truth decay" and refers to crazy conspiracy theories such as right wing lunatics out there who literally believe Hilary Clinton is part of an evil cabal linked to pedophilia;

This can't be the only example out there of the beautiful 'Opposite World' we live in today.

Can anyone explain the connection between Trump allegedly peddling these 'ridiculous' lies, the election result and the pandemic?

I guess 'conspiracy theories' weaken the immune system, maybe? Or conspiracy theorists are less likely to wear masks or observe social distancing, and that promotes the spread... which is why red states are suffering from social unrest? Did I get that right Barry S?

[This forum is such a respite from all this bullshit. The actual ex-president of America is giving an interview to a highly trusted national institution to declare with a straight face that evil truths are in fact ridiculous lies... while the hordes of normies out there just nod and skip along (two meters apart in masks, of course)... and all the while these c.... cabal members are raping children and destroying the world. 'Crazy'.]
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Anger and resentment between rural and urban America, immigration, injustices like inequality and "the kinds of crazy conspiracy theories - what some have called truth decay" have been amplified by some US media outlets and "turbocharged by social media", Mr Obama tells historian David Olusoga, in an interview for BBC Arts to promote his new memoir.
Crazy conspiracy theories, Barry? You mean like the one that says men everywhere throughout history, in all times and places, oppressed women and treated them like chattel? Because men hated their own mothers, wives, daughters, female friends so much they sought to impose something called rape culture on them and women were terrorized into submission, and that’s the only reason patriarchy ever existed. It couldn’t be feminism is rooted in paranoid conspiracy theories, could it, Barry? Assholes like you wouldn’t force young girls in primary school to learn that they’re members of an oppressed victim class if it wasn’t true.

And of course it’s not a wild conspiracy theory in any way to claim that white people are to blame for imperialism and slavery, to portray whites as genocidal maniacs and tyrants while simultaneously portraying all “people of color” everywhere and anywhere, irrespective of origin (including Muslims and Mongols), as noble freedom fighters, spreaders of peace and love and harmony, and progressive-minded innocent victims of white male bellicosity and aggression. Nope, nothing the least bit paranoid or a sign of “truth decay” about the radical left version of history being taught in our schools and promoted in our media.


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I think Obama realizes that, essentially, he should be selling peanuts in front of the Shedd Aquarium for a living. But his slender frame and gift for ambiguous platitudes landed him in the White House (not to mention the help of his tribesman friends). And he got so addicted to the media tit, that now he's willing to keep on lying for the sake of social relevance.

Every man makes mistakes. But he should eventually own up to those mistakes and try to walk the righteous path.